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A Thank You Letter From Matt to Martz



    Coach Martz!

    Hey Coach Martz, did you hear? I topped 1,000 rushing yards and 500 receiving yards on the season. I'm the first Bear to do that since Sweetness, Coach Martz. My name is now mentioned in the same sentence as Walter Payton, Coach Martz. Can you believe that?

    And here's the really crazy thing, Coach. I pulled those numbers even though we relied a little bit too much on the pass early in the season. When I say maybe a little bit, I mean WAY... TOO... MUCH. Can you believe I average only 33.5 yards on the ground in those first four games? Then our boy Jay got hurt, and you called my number against Carolina, and it was magic from there. We talked about it, and communication really is the key to a happy relationship, Coach.  (Well, except for the Seattle game. We don't need to talk about those 11 yards, do we, Coach?)

    Now, we have a balanced attack. Cutler's arm isn't going to fall off, I get to run with the ball, and you're a genius all over again. Plus, I'm really getting a hang on this receiver thing, right Coach? I mean, I don't give up two interceptions like Knox did -- UP TOP, COACH! Oh, we're not laughing about that. Alright. I understand.

    Any who, I just wanted to say thanks, Coach Martz. We did big things together, and we're just going to do more. Dallas!

    Your boy,

    Matt Forte