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Yeah, like you're stopping here!



    Yeah, like you're stopping here!

    I hate these. I can't remember the last time I stopped at one. If you've jumped on the Kennedy, the Edens, or the Eisenhower, then you've seen them. These lights are on the ramps and during heavy traffic hours (there's a statement for you), the lights change back and forth, red and green.

    Why are they there? Well, the idea is to stagger cars heading onto the expressway and avoiding tie-ups at the ends of the ramp. The last thing you want is to merge left when a semi is barreling down on you and the lane in front of you is coming to an end. It's there to protect you. But does it?

    Most of the time it's backing up traffic on the ramps and spilling into the side streets. Ever try to get on the Ike at Harlem at 5:15 in the afternoon? A lot of fun isn't it? Plus, think of the electricity saved if IDOT didn't have those on the roads.

    But I think my biggest thing is that it's not enforceable. I don't think I've ever sat at the light for the entire duration. At most, I'll "genuflect" and go, give a lil tap of the brakes and roll on. The State Police isn't sitting there ready to hand out tickets.

    I've always wanted to blow thru one of those. Just blast right by! Who's going to stop me, eh? But knowing how my luck is, I'll find away to pick the interchange that has the cop waiting to pick me off.

    One can dream.

    **Busy weekend. Friday was the IADT Fashion Show. It went very well, filled the theatre in Schaumburg. Very innovative students at the school. One chatter this morning asked if I peaked at the models changing in the back. Ladies and gentleman, even at 5:30 AM you're mind will find a way to the gutter somehow.

    Saturday was Dutchie Caray's surprise birthday party. She's 80 years old and doesn't look a day older than 59. Of course I'd tell her 29, she'd probably look at me cross-eyed. But it was a blast, and it was great to share a conversation with the bossman, Larry Wert. He's tough to find since he's been travelling a lot more. But if he's reading this...I love my job, thank you for having me...don't know if that will help, but what the hell right?

    Sunday was the FAME National Talent Search at Six Flags. Now there was some talent there with 10 finalists vying for a trip to Hollywood. 19-year old Ta-Tynisa Wilson from Aurora has one incredible voice and it helps that she's a sweetheart too. She was the big winner and is heading to LA in two weeks. V Factory also performed. They'd be something we might consider for Dance Friday in the future. Maybe we'll do that the day the remake of FAME (ahem, in theatres September 25th) comes out since the male lead character is Asher Book from the group.

    **I saw a near fight on the street between a driver and a pedestrian. Quick story. The pedestrian sprints across the street in the crosswalk despite the green going the other way. The driver fails to yield and forces the pedestrian to move quick to get out of the way to avoid getting hit. They jaw at each other until the driver stops and gets out of his car after making a turn at the intersection. 20 seconds of yelling and it was over, but I ask you. Who's at fault more? The driver or the pedestrian?

    **Today on Maury: "Our 5 babies need DNA tests...Who's their father?" Sweet!