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They named it...San Diego



    They named it...San Diego

    Since I'm a moron, I couldn't remember to bring my camera with me this weekend during my discovery of San Diego. No I brought it to San Diego, only to forget to leave the hotel with me everyday. So this is a cell phone shot of the Pacific Ocean. Not so pretty. I'm sorry, and that's why I'm a moron.

    Now, I got to put my feet in the Pacific Ocean off the beautiful Coronado Island. Ahhh, cold! That was the first time I've ever done that. A very cool moment. Next, I enjoyed some of the finest Mexican food this side Old Town San Diego. A must if you ever go there. Then I had the wonderful opportunity take batting practice at PetCo Park. Wow, what a great stadium, THAT'S how you build a ballpark.

    I wore my old school Padres jersey (because I can't wear it here for obvious 1984 reasons) and I took about 12 hacks. I made solid contact on half of them, and half not so good. One pitch I missed entirely, but since so many people were enjoying their adult beverages at this corporate get together, no one noticed.

    I'm fine with that.

    Hopefully, I can show off that photo for you. One other note: Manute Bol got off the plane at Midway before I departed. He's tall!

    BIG thanks to my best friend Jill for inviting on a great trip. I had a great time with her and her family is the best, and the water in Roscoe is in great hands!

    **I miss all the cool stuff when I'm gone. A beer truck rolls over on the Tri-State ramp to the Ike? Really? That's awesome! (No one is hurt right? Oh okay good.) That's really awesome!

    That's the only time anyone has ever thought of partying in Elmhurst.

    **On the flip side, not so awesome is a bunch of my friends getting scammed (allegedly) by David Hernandez. This guy ran a Ponzi scheme and swindled investors out of $11 million. Now he's in hiding, checking in with a law firm here and there, but I understand why. Jonathan Hood would be the crap out of that guy if he could. He'd dance all over his face and to borrow from one Chester A Coppock...

    "Your dime, MY dance floor."

    **On a serious note, I've partnered up with the Alzheimer's Association to raise money for a great charity event coming up next month. It's the first Rundown Alzheimers at US Cellular Field on July 28th. I'll be running a couple miles and hoping to raise $5,000.

    If you'd like to sponsor me, take a look at the website. Any little bit helps, and I'd be very grateful for your contribution.