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She's so cute!



    She's so cute!

    **This is what Dance Friday is all about!

    This cutie was on the plaza today, celebrating the warm weather and all the fun that is Dance Friday. You can't help but think "awwww" when you look at her. If you missed it, check it out right here.

    Today we picked Peaches & Herb and their classic "Shake Your Groove Thing," which the Traffic Lounge was surprised to learn peaked at #5 just 30 years ago in March of 1979. I had assumed it was from the mid-70's. But the sound is timeless, classic disco beat, not overwhelming at all. Just listen for the cowbell. (Did you know there were five different women who played the role of Peaches? I sure didn't.)

    Anyway, the folks from the March of Dimes came by to promote their big event on Sunday morning in Grant Park, also the Make A Wish foundation dropped by along with our friends from, but I didn't get a chance to say hello to the kids from Field Elementary School in Park Ridge. Ms. Schaab's 5th Grade class has been studying Earth Day this week and I promised a shout out. Last minute change of plans prevented that, but we'll do it next week. (so set your DVR's then)

    **More kid news: It was "Take Your Child To Work Day" in the Traffic Lounge on Thursday. NAVTEQ brought in 200 kids and I spoke to them to start their day, gave a tour of the fancy studio, and did a little Dance Friday with them. If you think Dance Friday should be longer, well, I officially vote NO on that. That's what happens when I hear Miley Cyrus's "Hoe Down, Throw Down" for about two straight hours. (sorry Miley fans, she's terrible)

    But at least the kids got to meet Righthand Man Jim, fine cast member of the Dance Friday crew. (two 15-year-olds fainted on first sight...okay I made that part up.)

    **Speaking of the crew, how about the feature on Cassidy Hubbarth today. Her popularity has skyrocketed into many of my emails looking like this...

    "Hey who's the brown haired chick that dances with you on Friday? She's a riot!!"

    ...and as you can tell by this story, her humility is infectous.

    **Have a great weekend and enjoy the weather that Ginger Zee has given all of us! Thank you G!