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Say Cheese!



    Say Cheese!

    Do you know how many stupid things i was doing in my car at this particular moment I snapped this photo?

    Well, I was flying down I-94 going 70 MPH through Kenosha, with a cup of OJ in one hand from McDonalds, and trying to take the cell phone photo at the perfect moment with my other hand. (Do the math and yes, no hands mom!) Plus, there's construction going on here, so that's fun, and finally, cops were everywhere.


    But back to the construction. It's a slow mess through the Kenosha down to two lanes each way, and on July 7th when Summerfest wraps up, they'll extend the closures even longer. It craws heading into the zone but loosens up gradually as you travel in each direction. I drove up Saturday, back down on Sunday. Neither were terribly difficult, but I can imagine Friday afternoon could be a complete nightmare.

    **Aside from that, a busy weekend of fun. Friday night I visited the 60th Annual Swedish Days Festival in Geneva. Gotta go back to the hometown festival. Always a good time, and the high school kids still stand around "looking cool" at the corner of 3rd and James. Nothing changes and sometimes thats comforting.

    Saturday, attempted to hit up Summerfest, but got rained out. Still enjoyed some Chicago Machine lacrosse and downtown nightlife. Very underrated. Milwaukee is a fun place in the summer and during Marquette Basketball.

    Sunday, it was all about the Pride Parade. Hustled from Milwaukee, arrived in Lakeview around 11:45, parked got a cab as close as I could. At 12:20, I'm running to catch the float. Made it with 5 minutes to spare and I was off to experience the parade for the first time.

    Lauren Jiggetts, LeeAnn Trotter, Anna Davlantes and Natalie Martinez were there. Along with Wayne Johnson, Alex Perez, Rob Stafford and myself. We had a fun float, a good time, but rather conservative considering all things! If I don't see anymore S&M wardrobe for another calendar year, I think I'm good.

    Check out the photos!

    **Getting ready for the Taste of Chicago Fireworks and with the weather cooling off, there will be more people down there this year. We'll keep you posted on the mess later on in the week. Dance Friday and Trivia are coming too.

    Here's the one from this past Friday.

    Enjoy your Monday!