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Only 50 shopping days left...



    I haven't written anything in awhile, kinda chillin' til we get going for the holidays (aka the season when it snows non-stop). I'm sure you're already out shopping and take advantage of the deals in this economy? I know this guy is! Sun-Times superstar Richard Roeper might have an idea of where to start. Victoria's Secret? Can't go wrong with the ladies. (Thumbs up buddy! Lookin' sharp!)

    What's that? You're not? You're not taking advantage of the quick lines at the big boxes? Yeah, me neither.

    Yet, just as I write this, I learn that the Sox might have made a trade. Chris Getz and Josh Fields for the Royals Mark Teahen? What do you think of that Mike Lorber? 2010 World Champs!!! Time to go buy Mike his Teahan Sox jersey from Triple Threat Sports! (Maybe I'll grab one for Roeper too. I just wanted to use that photo for no particular reason, can you tell?)

    Let's see what shenanigans have been going on around town.

    **Passed out bus driver hits 11 vehicles in Oak Park. That's fine, as long as no one hit any of the wonderful trees that could disturb the beautiful folliage.

    **The CTA is threatening more cuts to services and jobs once again with a $300 million budget hole to fill. However, your local ATU 241 is not happy. A strike is an option if the CTA goes ahead with the plan. This meltdown has been 50 years in the making. What a mess.

    **I continue to keep my eye on this story out in the suburbs. The continued buyout of the freight lines that has threatrened to increase rail traffic 10-fold. The communites are nervous and I don't blame them. More trains means more backups, unless you magically have viaducts over the tracks. If not, it's a traffic nightmare. If you build them, then it costs money and can destroy the charm of a small town in an instant. Keep an eye on this if you live in the burbs.

    **Anyone get stuck going thru this mess on Wednesday. (Dear truckers, please secure the asphalt in your dump truck, thanks.)

    **Tomorrow, we have Dance Friday. A special Chicago Fire edition of Dance Friday, come on down and win tickets to the playoff game on Saturday night, the weather is going to be great. It's almost a sell out and we have sets of four tickets for you. 

    I'll also have your Prep Destination of the Week and you're a fan of the Griffins you'll want to pay attention before heading to St. Louis.