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OH NO!!!!!



    I was in the newsroom around 9:30 this morning when the news broke...

    "Brian Urlacher, likely out for the season"

    ...great! He played almost a WHOLE quarter of football before his season and the possibility of a deep playoff run became silent. A dislocated wrist that has to be surgically put back in place (at some point today) can't be fun, but what a fluke injury. For the next 15 games, he'll be on the sidelines in warm up pants and a brand new Bears jacket, shirt or hoodie, standing idle. Legs are fine, his body's in shape, but it's the right wrist. The freakin' right wrist!!!

    Football fanatics: question for you? Do you go with A) Hunter Hillenmeyer at middle linebacker and leave All-Pro Lance Briggs on the outside or B) move Briggs inside and have Nick Roach or Jamar Williams take his spot or finally C) the washed up veteran route like I read in the Sun-Times. (I expect your answers to be 5 paragraphs, double-spaced and on my desk first thing.)

    **Between the Bears playoff hopes going down the drain today (7-9 baby!) and the Cubs and Sox stinking it up this summer, the focus now turns to...Hawks preseason hockey? Northwestern football? Ugh!

    **Traffic wasn't fun this morning mostly because a brutal combination. People sleeping in after the Bears game just a lil longer, and then those who normally are out on the road at 7am. We noticed this because the roads were empty and then as soon as we hit 6:30, they got rough within 20 minutes. Wasn't just one of them, it was all of them. Make note of that for the next prime time appearance for the Bears.

    **Rob Elgas is gone this week, he's fishing up north. Hopefully he'll have some sweet photos for all of us when he returns. In the meantime, Kim Vatis hops on the anchor desk all week and today we had Sharon Wright covering the unfolding Chris Kelly saga in Country Club Hills. (After that, I think you can put your NBC 5 Vacation Depth Chart away until the holidays.)

    **Always looking for trivia questions, Dance Friday suggestions and your Prep Destination of the Week. Got a long road trip to watch a high school football game this Friday? Tell me where you're going and I'll help you out.