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Mail Bag Time



    Mail Bag Time

    Back in 1991, my father grew a mustache. He looked like a poor man's John Oates. It didn't look right, and for two months he let it go. Finally we got on him to the point where he shaved it off. Still, there's a family photo in that time frame that will remain one of my all-time favorites.

    For better or for worse, I've now travelled down the same path, and on Thursday some of you let me know about it. Let the facial hair flogging begin!


    The goatee looks hot, but the hair has got to go!
    -Kathleen Thompson

    Wait, so what's wrong with the hair? Too shiny? Too much product? Do you want me to shave it off and go bald? I'll look like Former NBA franchise owner Pat Croce




    You have a nice face. No need to hide it behind that hair. We know you are a manly man and you don't need hair to prove that. Loose it!

    Good point, except for the whole manly man part. I mean, I catch fish with my bare hands and I can rewire the electrical system at my place without turning off the lights, but I wouldn't say I'm a manly man (and yes folks, I'm keeping emails as is, spelling errors and all, so come correct!).  Next?

    The goatee doesn't add anything to the good looking Matt Rodewald.  I say ditch it.
    -Marilyn Altobelli

    Thank you, Marilyn too kind. However, I have to disagree or we wouldn't have this email bag. Is there anyone who actually likes it?


    Matt should keep his goatee, looks really hot and sexy.

    There we go! I knew someone had to like it. Even though I was skeptical, I figured 1 in 4 would like it. Okay, well maybe 1 in 5. Actually...

    I love Matt's new look.  He should keep it!!!!  Rob I think you should try to grow one as well. Love All of You!!! You always manage to bring a smile to my face somehow.
    -Tammy Thomas

    This brings up the one thing that I laugh at. Of all the on-air staffers at NBC 5, why am I the one trying this? Ponce, Elgas, Avalos, Perez and Woj ....well you know... they could grow beards in days.

    Hell, I think Andy had to shave during intermission of the musical we were in a few weeks ago! It was like he's the guy from the Dos Equis commercial.

    I have never seen a goatee grow so slow!  Poor guy, he's worked so hard on it...let him keep it!
    -G Tarafa

    If Matt was playing the part of the devil in "Damn Yankees," then it would be perfectly fine. But I don't need to be reminded of the dark side when hearing about traffic concerns. Lose it, Matt!
    -Paul Lockwood, Woodstock

    Valid point, it's time to check in with Mr. Applegate with traffic. That's a terrible name. I'd rather remind you more of Brian Fantana

    Shave the goatee, tailor your suits, and, slow down the hand gestures.  But, we still watch you every morning.
    -Julie Torrence

    Man, there's a lot in there. Anything else, how 'bout smile more when I'm wrapping up my reports? Should I juggle? No maybe not. In all seriousness, she's right. All of those points are very observant. Those are things I try to keep in mind and I was going to change them until Julie tossed in the last sentence. As long as people watch...(anyone know a good tailor?)


    So that's my first mailbag on the blog. Feel free to drop me a line whenever and I'll do my best to address it! What am I going to do with this thing on my face, well, as they say...stay tuned!

    **Dance Friday tomorrow is a Ginger Zee special! Don't be too hard on her because I liked the pick too.