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Leave The Bishop Ford Alone!!



    Leave The Bishop Ford Alone!!

    Poor IDOT.

    When we hear on the scanner that something is going on down at Dolton Road or 130th Street, it's never minor.

    Tuesday's mess centered around 45,000 pounds of a corrosive chemical that was leaking from a semi. The driver pulled over before the Dolton Road exit when he noticed the leak, but it was a chemical that caused breathing irratitation within 500 feet of contact. A delicate clean up to say the least. Finally, all lanes opened up around 6 pm. Then today, less than 15 hours after everything opened up, it was all closed again. A Buick LeSabre was merging into traffic at 130th Street when it pulled under a semi. Thankfully no one was killed in the accident that caused six injuries, three of which were to small children.

    **Elsewhere, a woman was thrown from her "small car" when it hit the wall on the Jane Addams Tollway around 10:30 this morning. You never want to hear this question on the scanner:

    "Hey, what lane is she laying in?"

    At that point, does it matter? Don't think so.

    **Tomorrow, do not pay the cab surcharge!!! In fact, tonight after midnight if you go out on the town to start your weekend early, do not pay the cab surcharge!

    The fee expires after gas prices have cooled below $2.70 for 7 straight days. So make sure you pay attention. Those cabbies will try and sneak it past you. Don't let it happen.

    **What else is going on...Oh...Rob Elgas and I co-hosted the speed dating event at Harry Caray's Tavern up in Wrigleyville. What a good time that was. A great social experiment. The Sizzlin' Summer Soulmate Search found us a winning couple. They will remain nameless and will enjoy $100 at Harry Caray's Tavern, premium Cub tickets and if they decide to get married, Ernie Banks will do the honors. Mr. Cub is an ordained minister and it would be his first wedding ceremony, how about that!!?

    So thanks to everyone at Players Sports and with the Harry Caray's Restaurant Group for letting us hang out with everyone!

    **Our buddy Eric Schmidt, who you might see on CN 100 covering preps in the suburbs and parties in the city (not at the same time of course), is apart of a charity event tonight. The 2009 Schaumburg Flyers Diamond Dare V Charity Game at Alexian Field at 7pm. Lots of fun stuff tonight with raffles, kids games, and a great way to check out a pro-ballpark for less. Proceeds go to the Les Turner ALS Foundation.

    **Sox fans, a must read.