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Happy Birthday Z!!!



    Happy Birthday Z!!!

    No, today isn't Zoraida's birthday. It is in the very near future and yes she doesn't want you to know that. But we don't care. Last week, we chatted casually in the newsroom and Z's big day came up. We wanted to do something fun, so Wayne put together this cake display. Check out this link to learn how he did it. Rob, Andy and I teased her a little bit throughout the show. I put a not-so-subtle message in one of my reports. Then to wrap up the show, she blew out the candles and wished that all of us forget all about her birthday in the future.

    Too bad it's in my calendar. How else would I remember it?? Duh!

    **It was also revealed today that Andy and I are going to sing in a musical. Yes, sing! Problem is, I have never sang in public. Never. Yes, I dance like an idiot in public and I realize that people probably laughing at me as opposed to laughing with me. But I have absolutely zero confidence in my singing ability.

    Sarah Jindra, the lovely lady who will be filling in for me tomorrow, says I should just sing randomly around the Traffic Lounge to warm up the pipes. However with the studio enclosed in all glass, I don't think that's such a good idea.

    Anyway, if you want to come see the charade. Click this link and buy a ticket. Four shows starting next Friday night July 17th at Moraine Valley and proceeds benefit Autism Speaks. Oh, and I'll be wearing a man-skirt so you can look forward to that.

    **Traffic has been uneventful all week. No big stories. No huge delays. Nothing. All we've been getting ready for is Cubs and Sox games, a Jay-Z concert and woooooo racing!!!! NASCAR in Joliet this weekend.

    I'm not a crazy NASCAR fan, but I pay attention. Great story line comes to town with Tony Stewart, celebrating last week after bumping his way to a win in Daytona on the last lap. Should make for interesting pre-race conversation and make sure if you go, grab a headset and listen in!

    Also, I can tell you it's a great tailgating atmosphere and the crowd is solid for people watching. The night race is just awesome because it makes the cars just look sharp running around the track. Chicagoland Speedway is great if you sit high up. If you want to actually watch the race, sitting high up will allow you to see the entire track. I highly reccomend it!

    Prediction: Kyle Busch wins the Pole. Matt Kenseth wins the race in the DeWalt/USG #17 car.

    **Dance Friday tomorrow will go on without Rob Elgas and I. We're both off tomorrow. Even Righthand Man Jim has the day off as well. So enjoy the fun with some different characters in the NBC 5 stable as they enjoy Tom Jones' "It's Not Unusual"

    He's playing Ravinia tomorrow night, take the METRA and don't forget ladies to bring your stash of underwear for the show!