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    This picture at the Lake Forest Oasis wasn't selected for any reason whatsoever. I just thought it'd be kinda random to upload on the blog. Makes you wonder what other oasis signs are like. No? It doesn't? Oh. I see. Not entertaining at all. Guess I figured I'd entertain myself with that picture then. I'm laughing real hard!!!

    But I know you are still looking at it aren't you? You're looking to see if you're missing something. Plus, some of you are even wondering, "Hey, tell me my tax dollars didn't go to a sign to thank people for grabbing some food, filling up the gas tank, and hitting the bathroom in Lake Forest, right?"

    THAT I don't know, but it makes you think and at least it's not dirty. In fact, that might be the cleanest "thank you for visiting..." sign you'll see in all of Lake County!

    **Long commute for some of you this morning. Especially for those of you on the Kennedy. Not a lot of fun heading into the construction zone today. Westend of I-55? Trashed. Jane Addams Toll? Terrible. Edens? Bad early. No one was safe today. Can't imagine it will be like that on the way home, or like that the rest of the week. Lately, Monday's have been stinky and same for Thursday's. The rest of the week isn't too bad.

    **Did you see this story in your Sunday Sun-Times? It shows that in 35 different suburbs, 90 percent of those pulled over got a ticket. Find out which towns are the toughest. From personal experience, do yourself a favor. If you're driving through any town on Route 47 (Hebron and Elburn especially), slow down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    **Bears looked like a real professional football team yesterday! Offensively, it was night and day with the receivers actually running to the spots they were supposed to. No turnovers for Jay Cutler and they moved the ball against the best defense in the NFL (even without Troy Polamalu, the Steelers are a top 5 team.)

    The turf looked awful. No surprise there. Plus, it rained for the first time since Moses crossed the desert. Thanks Andy! You mean to tell me that the skies haven't opened up for nearly a month and NOW you make it rain during the Bears game on a slippery field? Way to go boss!

    When nearly 100 high schools have FieldTurf installed in their stadiums, there's absolutely no excuse for the Chicago Park District to not have it. What an embarassment.

    **Speaking of embarassments, Milton Bradley was sent home for good after ripping the Cubs in this Daily Herald article over the weekend. It will cost the Cubs $23 million to get rid of him if they can't trade him (and after each incident that seems less likely). I hope the Cubs have to just dump him and eat the money. It's their fault he's here in the first place. Cubs GM Jim Hendry ignored his resume of past problems and overpaid him anyway.

    While there's a lot of people to blame for that mess, it still comes down to Bradley being a huge clown on the field and in the clubhouse this year. I'll help pack your bags buddy if that's what it takes!

    **Kim Vatis moved one chair over today with Rob Elgas returning from the Bro-mantic Fishing Classic '09 in Wisconsin and Zoraida Sambolin being out sick today. Doesn't miss a beat does it?

    **Finally, a quick prayer for James Javier. Get better buddy, we're with ya!