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Can I have my tie back, please?



    Can I have my tie back, please?

    I'm just kidding, you can hang onto it as long as you want.

    That's Ashley Lobo and she was SO UPSET that she couldn't do Dance Friday last week when the rest of the Blackhawks Ice Crew was here. As for me, I never get any guests to stop by the Traffic Lounge and kick it for awhile. Plus, with no Upstart Dancing Phenom Cassidy in the lineup today (Vegas baby!) It needed some spice on my end.

    She brought the spice, and the funk. One of the better Dance Friday's I've had in a while. Sometimes you need motivation. How about not being an awful dancer in front of a cute girl for motivation? Yup, that'll work.

    So make sure you catch her on 24/7 Chicago this Saturday night as she pubs a new pub. Plus, you can catch her with the Nude Hippo gang, the NBC 5 Street Team, and the 800 other projects she has going for her these days.

    **Did you notice Righthand Man Jim in SKY 5 today? Yup, James was rockin' out the playoff beard. It's been five weeks since the Stanley Cup Playoffs have started and his beard is looking sharp! Plus, if you're keeping track at home...

    Appearances on Dance Friday via SKY 5
    -Jim Ryan - 3
    -Mike Lorber - 2

    ...we need to convince Mike that it's cool to stay in the air to dance for a few more minutes. Just a few more, buddy!!

    **The Schaumburg Flyers will be opening the home slate tonight, some of the NBC 5 brass will be in the ball park (with one eye on the game, and the other on the Syn Vodka Flight Attendants of course). I haven't been to Alexian Field in about 7 years, come say hi!

    **Funnyman Whit is continuing his acting/comedic quest for stardom. He's been auditioning for commercials lately, including a new one for Empire Carpets. How long do these auditions take?

    "It was 2 minutes, thank you very much!" He's that good! Next?

    **Indianapolis 500 Update: Snagged my tickets, paid a pretty penny, but I don't care. To me it's totally worth it. The experience of Lap 1 at 225 miles per hour heading into a single file line at Turn 1 is downright scary and exciting. I don't think there's a better single thrill in sports. Do you?

    Can Danica Patrick do it? Will Marco Andretti end the family curse at the Brickyard? What about Scott Dixon, will he repeat? Nope, I'm going with Tony Kanaan, who year in and year out has been the most consistent driver at the track. He's due for a big win (and a huge payday. Dixon took home 1.3 million, just about 1.3 million more than I did.)

    **Construction projects will be on hiatus. I-80 heading west around I-55 in Joliet will be a mess, avoid it at all costs. I-80/94 will tighten up in Northwest Indiana before I-65 and speaking of which, it's down to one single lane in Newton County. I get to experience that myself. Take SR-55 as an alternate especially tonight and Monday afternoon.