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Billion Dollar Batteries!!



    Billion Dollar Batteries!!

    So THIS is why I keep getting tickets!

    9-Volt batteries. LAZ Parking doesn't have any. Meters stay broken. At THAT point, the geniuses that enforce the ordinances don't know what they're doing. That's why it's been a mess. Great. I hope the city is ready for another windfall of appeals from those who've received tickets for their accused overstays. That's what's about to go down.

    Wondering what I'm talking about? Well, LAZ Parking admitted publicly today that it's made mistakes from not having updated meters ready to not having qualified people working on the job. So basically, after spending a billion to operate the meters, they don't have any cash left over to grab some 9-V batteries! My favorite quote?

    "Groups of us would go out every day -- and only one group had the right reprogramming tool," said one unidentified worker about the equipment shortage. 36,000 meters. 1 group at a time.

    Check out the rest of the story here. It's fine unintentional comedy.

    **Birthday fun was had by all today. Thanks to everyone who sent me all sorts of messages congratulating me on 29 years of life. We had a mini-Dance Friday. We chuckled at all the birthdays that share my special day (Singer/alleged domestic assaulter Chris Brown, Family Ties actress Tina Yothers, NBC's Brian Williams, and modern day Mexico) However, the day got off to an inauspicisous start. Here we go:

    Driving to work, stopped at a light, a guy in a 1980s Maxi-Van started backing up in front of me. I froze. Shift to Reverse, went too far and put it in Park. BOOM. Got my front bumper. He gets out and immediately blurts out "Oh man, I don't have insurance." Two others get out. One sounds like his girlfriend. She's discouraging him from giving me correct information. I noticed his temporary plates. Some other guy peeks through the curtains in the back of the van. It's 4:18 AM. I'm not feeling like pursuing this situation any further at this point. Front bumper scratched. Righthand Man Jim isn't hurt. Neither am I. I'm late for work. Time to go.

    **6:45 - Mike Lorber via SKY 5 flies over an accident where a car burst into flames. He looks at the charred wreckage and says, "Hey Matt, I got you a car for your birthday. Here it is!"

    WOW, thanks Mike!! You're the best! It's the thought that counts, but I think I'm keeping mine. It still runs well and rarely causes a 10-mile gapers delay.