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Andy sings the hits!



    Andy sings the hits!

    So to wrap up the show, this guy (above) is interviewing part of our excellent cast for "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat this weekend."

    (That's July 17-19 at Moraine Valley CC! Hurry! Tickets going fast. Click here for more information. AHEM!)

    To my surprise, Andy belted out a line from the performance that he'll be crooning this weekend (click here for tickets) and it was the best I've heard him yet.  So it was that motivation/challenge that had me do the same thing a few seconds later. To my surprise, I didn't fall on my face, I didn't feel completely out of place. It was just a line right?

    I don't think people realize how hard that was for me.

    It's no secret that I have a high-pitched voice, and when it comes to singing, it's tends to be a notch up on the scale. That made me pretty self-conscious as a kid and I never really had the desire to sing as a result. I thought I would sound awful and the other kids would find another reason to laugh at me.

    As time wore on, I wasn't as worried, but I tried to avoid it. I'd rather not risk it and instead I'll just hide in the background.

    My mother can sing, very country, bit of a twang that sounds like "Southern Indiana meets East Central Oklahoma." I doubt I'll ever cover Patsy Cline the way she can, but I'm sure she'll be smiling this weekend at the performance (click here for tickets).

    **Where'd my summer go? All of a sudden I've got places to be and people to meet!

    Come see our thespian talents fight off Austism this weekend at Moraine Valley Community College. Then, I'll be at Harry Caray's Tavern next Wednesday with Rob Elgas when we appear as matchmakers. After that, I'll be running down Alzheimers two weeks from today.

    Plus, I'll be doing a few things for the hometown in Geneva next month. Stay tuned!

    **When a truck stalls in a lane, that's bad. When it's a semi, it's bad. When it's in a construction zone, it's bad. When it drips diesel fuel all over the roadway forcing crews to toss sand down in order to sop it up, it's really bad. Have all that happen at the same time and you have the Tri-State this morning at Cicero. Who had fun sitting in that delay today, eh??

    **This story was barely talked about today I thought, and it's not all that far from our viewing area.

    **Now that I'm done griping about the meters for a while, it's time to shift our focus to something that blurry to the naked eye.

    **Finally, I leave with something I'm sure we'll talk about a lot in the future. The proposed Illiana Expressway, and the Times of Northwest Indiana did a great job of laying out the study of how traffic would be affected by the 25-mile route between I-65 and I-57.

    Is this the same fight that the folks along Denny Hastert's precious Prairie Parkway project fought to save farmland and avoid accelerating urban sprawl?