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10 Days until Halloween



    First off, good to be back in the blogosphere. It's been awhile, but I've been working on our new graphics set up for the show. No I didn't design them. In fact I couldn't tell you how the powers that be at NAVTEQ and NBC 5 put them together. (Just remember that I failed one class in college, Intro to Programming. That should tell you what kind of computer skills I have.)

    Anyway, special thanks to Fritz Golman, Jim Ryan, and Austin Baumann. They are the producers and orchestrators that continue to feed wonderful ideas to our presentation model. Plus, I can't forget Whit Conway and Adam Franklin also. They'll be in my ear the rest of the week.

    So the graphics are up. Some glitches you may have noticed. If you didn't notice, then just ignore the last sentence I wrote. But overall the launch was a success.

    Do you have any suggestions? Any complaints? What do you like about it? What bothers you the most? Hit me up with any comments or questions you may have. Seriously, no question is a stupid question. Whether it's about our 3D maps or the Travel Times, I'll answer them all.

    **Now, the pic above is of a bicycle. That's your clue for our Halloween costume for Friday October 30th. The NBC 5 news team will shake up a classic costume ensemble the only way we know how. Should be a fun show.

    We're working on some prizes, nothing is set in stone yet. But watch this Friday, we're hoping to have a Costume Contest similar to last year on The Plaza. Make sure you free up your morning and come down for Dance Friday. We had HUNDREDS last year show up!!! You should come be a part of the fun too.

    **Now a lot of people ask me about the construction and when it's all going to wrap up. Here's a great recap in the Sun-Times about where we are with all the road work. (I'd love to give credit to who wrote it, but there's no by-line.) 

    **Here's a story that caught my eye, the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority is going to re-mark the miles of the tollway and add signs to every quarter mile in the entire system. Find out how much it will cost in Jon Hilkevitch's fabulous breakdown in the Tribune. (If you're into that kinda stuff of course)

    The Eola Road interchange on I-88 has moved fast, and will be I-PASS only, but that should be fine for residents who've been asking for the exit ramps for about 20 years. We'll keep an eye on which of the projects in progress finish first.