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Rain, Rain Won't Go Away



    Well Chicago, it appears April showers won’t be ending in anytime soon.

    Though the weekend was mostly, accept for a damp Sunday morning, the stormy weather that has plagued the city recently won’t be ending just yet.

    Red Cross Assists Flood Victims

    [CHI] Red Cross Assists Flood Victims
    Red Cross handed out thousands of cleaning kits to flood victims in the Village of Bellwood Saturday. (Published Saturday, April 27, 2013)

    Much of Monday is expected to remain fairly dry, but thunderstorms are possible throughout much of the week ahead.

    Chances of thunderstorms begin Monday evening and stretch through Friday.

    But the rainy weather is bringing something good with it as temperatures are expected to rise into the mid-70s Monday and stretch into the 80s Tuesday, according to NBC Chicago's Pete Sack.

    Severe rains are expected to stay west of the city, but a possibility for continued wetness could further dampen recently flooded areas.

    Torrential rain doused the city earlier this month and left many to pick up the pieces of their homes. With the recovery process still underway, more rain could delay repairs for damaged homes.