Northern Illinois Under Slight Risk For Severe Storms

Temperatures could reach 80 degrees on this rainy, humid Tuesday

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    Depending on who you ask, there's good and bad weather news after a chilly, rainy Memorial Day weekend.

    The good news is temperatures are warming up to seasonable highs of 80 degrees on Tuesday and as high as 86 by Wednesday. The bad is there's more rain on tap, and some approaching storms could be severe.

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    Overnight rain exited the Chicago area Monday morning and left behind only a few lingering showers. Models indicate there's a slight risk for severe storms in the afternoon in northern Illinois as well as scattered showers and storms Tuesday night. 

    The National Weather Service predicts rainfall amounts will range between a tenth and quarter of an inch without thunderstorms.

    The risk could shift even farther north through the day with gusty winds, hail and heavy rain possible, pushing those rain totals higher.

    Warm, humid and soggy conditions continue Wednesday. A high of 85 degrees is expected along with a 40 percent chance of isolated showers and storms.

    That forecast continues through the weekend. Models show mostly cloudy conditions Saturday and Sunday, though the temperature dips slightly to the high 60s on Sunday.