Chicago Counts on Storms To End Severe Dry Spell

Abnormally dry weather has plagued much of the region, especially Chicago and Rockford

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    The Chicago area needs rain and Monday could be our only chance this week to get it.

    As the metro area faces borderline drought conditions, a cold front could bring a chance of scattered showers and possible thunderstorms across northwest Indiana in the evening hours. Lows could reach into the lower 60s with west/northwest winds at 10-15 mph.

    The National Weather Service points out that abnormally dry weather has plagued much of the region, especially Chicago and Rockford which have both seen the least amount of rainfall in the past five years. 

    So far this year, Chicago saw 13.94 inches of precipitation compared to 19.44 last year. Rockford's numbers are worse with 10.46 inches so far compared to 13.53 last year and 17.66 in 2009.

    We'll have to soak it up while it lasts.

    The rest of the week remains dry but pleasantly mild. Afternoon Tuesday highs climb into the mid- to high 70s and stay that way for much of the week.

    Temps rise into the mid-80s again Friday, and into the upper 80s by the weekend.