Chicago's Salud Makes Playboy's Top 10 Tequila Bars List

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    Cheers to Salud.

    The Chicago Tequila-teria's been cited by Playboy as one of America's top ten tequila destinations.

    "With a bar designed like a glowing shrine to liquor, Salud is an oasis in a city surprisingly light on tequila," reads the article, though Playboy also notes that Salud's 75-strong menu is small compared to other bars on the list.

    But, Salud deserves not due to its "sexy, cave-like atmosphere" -- a quality men have touted ever since the first club hit the first neanderthal woman's head.

    Salud shares the list with San Francisco's Tres Agaves, San Diego's El Agave Tequileria, and Dos Caminos in New York.

    Playboy also notes that Salud hosts periodic tequila dinners, the proceeds of which benefit children’s charities. Because really. That's how you get 'em started young.