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"Mob Wives: Chicago" Trailer Released

Chicago-based VH1 reality show premieres June 10



    The gloves definitely coming off in the upcoming season of VH1's reality series "Mob Wives Chicago."

    If you thought the Chicago version of VH1's "Mob Wives" series would be filled with plenty of cat fights and drama -- you were probably right.

    At least judging by the just-released trailer for the reality show, which premieres June 10th.

    "Mob Wives" Controversy Hits Suburban Chicago Restaurant

    [CHI] "Mob Wives" Controversy Hits Suburban Chicago Restaurant
    NBC5 Sharon Wright reports Baciami!, an Italian restaurant in Elmwood Park, could face a formal protest by the Italian-American Human Relations Foundation of Chicago over the VH1 reality show "Mob Wives Chicago." (Published Thursday, April 5, 2012)

    The show features the wives and relatives of some of the men involved in "The Outfit," Chicago's version of the Mafia. (Read cast bios)

    You could argue that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, with the trailer showcasing numerous scraps, threats to punch a rival in the face or even hit someone with a shovel.

    "Mob Wives" Speak Up

    [LXTVN] "Mob Wives" Speak Up
    The ladies of VH1's new show "Mob Wives" talk about their association with the mob and give us a sneak peek of their drama-filled show. (Published Tuesday, April 12, 2011)

    The show is a spinoff of the popular New York version of Mob Wives.

    Now the world gets to see how these ladies handle their business -- Chicago style.