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Chicago Gas Prices Highest in the Country

Chicago ranks #1 for most expensive gas in the nation.



    (Published Friday, March 23, 2012)

    Chicago is No. 1 ... in gas prices. 

    The second city surpassed Los Angeles this week as the most expensive in the nation to fill up your tank.

    The website reports a gallon of regular gasoline here in Chicago runs an average of $4.50, which is about .65 cents higher than the national average.  Los Angeles averages about $4.25 per gallon of regular.

    To make things worse, NBCChicago found some stations in the city selling gas close to $4.90 Friday morning.

    Gas prices around Chicago have risen more than $.70 a gallon over the past five weeks.

    Experts blame the spike on growing demand from Asia, volatility in the Middle East, and gas stations switching to summer-blends, which are more expensive.

    They predict gas prices will continue to rise in the coming days.