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What do You Think About Spirit Airlines' $45 Baggage Fee?

Updated 2:02 PM CDT, Fri, Jan 13, 2012

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In an unprecedented move, Spirit Airlines will start charging for carry-on bags.  It'll now cost  $45 dollars for each bag stowed in over head bins.  It's $30 if paid online and Spirit's Fare Club members pay only $20 for each carry-on.

The policy goes into effect for reservations made after Monday for travel on or after August 1.

What do you think about the new policy?

Time to Sound Off!

"If they're going to charge to carry on luggage, then give me back the ability to check my luggage for free.  If they're doing both, then your only other option is to FedEx your luggage to your destination before you leave.  Not a good option!" -Howard


"I think paying for carry on bags is truly un-fair! It's as if they are trying to squeeze blood from a turnip."  - Louis


"Great way to get publicity - not such a great way to attract business. Now I'll have to factor in the price of carry on baggage when comparing fares and deciding on which airline to fly."  - Diane


"They  don't  have  to charge  just  restrict  the  size  of carry on  bags  ..People  are  ridiculous  for  trying  to take on  oversize  luggage." - Harold


"It's absurd....the airlines have discovered how to raise their rates through a loophole...they should be ashamed!" - Ron


"First they [strip] you of your clothes then they [rob] you" - Steven


"We would be better off packing our clothes and personals into a flat rate box a few days prior and then fly with NADA!" - Anonymous


"You need to pay for checked bags..now carry ons...what's next??" - Jackie Kern Maes


"Why is the baggage not included in the airfare anymore? I believe ALL luggage should be checked prior to boarding at ticketing.  The only carry on should be laptops, briefcases and purses. Get rid of the overheads and you will get rid of the problem." - Susan


"If it reduces the amount of carry on...carry ons are out of control!" - Tami


"I think people go over board with what they consider a "carry-on" bag. Yes, in certain cases they should be charged. Let's face it, we all know that a "carry-on" does not mean a suitcase that you carry!" - Caroline


"It's just another way for the airline to get money! I actually had to pay $40 yesterday for two bags! I later get to the gate and they decided to check bags for free so we could board faster!!" - Darnella


"I travel almost weekly and will NOT fly an airline that does this. What is next? Would you like oxygen sir? That will be $50 extra" - Bob


"Will not pay it. Someone has to reign the airlines in" - Amy


"I feel Spirit has the right idea for charging for carry-on baggage. I am tired of being held up on a plane while people fight for storage space and then again held up trying to unload. In the meantime, those who use their own time to check their luggage, their own time to pick up their luggage and cause no other passengers any delay have to pay?? Just doesn't make sense" - Julie


"Total madness!! This is why Southwest is my airline of choice! "Grab your bags....it's on!!" Darlene



"I believe its a good idea it'll help cut down the bags coming on the airplanes and therefore make more room for important bags and passengers" - Benjamin


"If I had money to pay for bags, why would I be flying SPIRIT?" - Mellony


"I've never flown Spirit and now I definitely will not. Spirit is not a huge airline carrier so my guess is that it won't make much difference but they will lose customers because of this." - Stacie


"I think it makes sense to charge for oversize luggage and even over 2 bags, but the cost for carryon luggage and the first 2 bags should be included in the price. You look for the lowest price ticket then have to factor in the cost for the bags the price doesn't look so good anymore. They've already reduced the number of flights so the flights are fuller why do they have to keep charging for every little item?" - Becky

First Published: Apr 7, 2010 7:00 AM CDT

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