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What do You Think Should Happen With the Space Program?

Updated 2:02 PM CDT, Fri, Jan 13, 2012

This image provided by NASA shows a portion of the International Space Station photographed by a space walking astronaut during the STS-128 mission's second session of extravehicular activity Thursday

Former astronauts criticized President Obama's plans for NASA

Twenty-one former astronauts, including Apollo 13 astronauts Jim Lovell and Fred Haise, signed a letter addressed to Obama. They claimed the president's move to shift funding away from human spaceflight to scientific endeavors would be "throwing away" America's space dominance after five decades.

President Obama is expected to unveil his vision for NASA Thursday. The White House said it will include $6 billion in new funding over five years. The plan calls for developing new technologies, reducing the cost of human spaceflight and helping create thousands of jobs.  

What do you think should happen with the space program?


"The computer or smartphone these messages are being sent from are the result of the space program. We must continue. " - Anonymous


"The one thing I believe they should keep up with is the space program. There is so much wasted money on useless things that make no sense to me.  Get rid of half these useless politicans and there hugh saleries, (ie: in the state of Illinois) and always finding new things to waste money on, and keep the research of the space program going on. We were at NASA last year, and we were so impressed with what we saw. I could see my dollars being used for good reasons. " - Anonymous


"I believe it should be suspended....this country can barely afford necessities during this recession... we are paying for two wars and we just cant afford millions of dollars...especially while spending tons of money to slam space crafts in to mars...and whose to say they wont get stuck or even work...i dont think the picture the spacecrafts send back are worth it." - Benjamin


"We have come so far with our space exploration...why would they want to even consider stopping at this point. Think about all of the things that we have today because of these travels. They need to find the money somewhere!" - Caroline


"We need to keep the Space Program going. If we stop it will rate as one of the all time blunders the United States has committed." - Philippe


"Yes Yes Yes. The U.S. should expand all space programs. It creates jobs. [Its] research develops new technologies that changes and saves lives." - Anonymous

First Published: Apr 14, 2010 6:40 AM CDT

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