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Take a Bite: Snacks

Updated 1:54 PM CDT, Fri, Jan 13, 2012


Golden Rules of Snacking

1) Snack from a plate.

         Rationale: Research suggests you will eat 43% fewer calories when you eat from a plate rather than grazing without one.

2) Produce + Protein Combo.

Produce and Protein Snacks

Produce and Protein Snacks

Produce and Protein Snacks

         Rationale: Produce Contains water and fiber, which take up space in your stomach and help you feel fuller. Protein burns an average of 4x more calories to digest than other food groups.

The Best Snack Combos: Produce + Protein (each 150 calories)

1) Celery (3 stalks) + Peanut Butter (1.5 tablespoons)

          Bonus: Peanut butter can help you stay full 5X longer than if you ate a high carb snack like crackers because peanuts are loaded with staying power from healthy fats, protein and fiber.

2) Melon (1 cup) + Low-Fat Cottage Cheese (1/2 cup)

          Bonus: Melon such as cantaloupe is 90% water which helps you feel full on fewer calories. One cup of cantaloupe only has 50 calories.

3) Berries (1/2 cup)+ Low Fat Yogurt (6 oz. container)

         Bonus: Low-fat yogurt contains CLA, a compound which may help your body burn fat more efficiently.

4) Pear (small) + String Cheese (1 oz.)

         Bonus: This is a healthy version of a cheese plate and research shows pear eaters consume fewer calories per day than non-pear eaters.

5) Apple (small) + Almonds (10)

         Bonus: People who eat nuts at least 2X per week are 30% less likely to gain weight than non-nut eaters.

First Published: Aug 23, 2010 1:52 AM CDT

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