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Do You Care What Tiger Has to Say?

Updated 2:02 PM CDT, Fri, Jan 13, 2012

Tiger Woods breaks his silence tomorrow.  It's the first time he'll appear in public since the Thanksgiving car crash that rocked his world.

He's speaking Friday at 10 am from PGA headquarters in Florida.  Woods is expected to apologize for his behavior and there are some rumors he may announce his return to golf. 

So we asked you do you care what he has to say?  Time to Sound Off!

"Tiger didn't break any laws, he is human and made bad choices that affected his relationship and what he did is between him and his family and because this nation thrives on sensationalism, the media has gone way overboard on his affairs.  Shame on the people who basically extorted this situation for money including those he slept with.  They knew he was married, they were part of these illicit affairs but no one in the media cares much about that."   - Julie


"I feel like the media has put more time and money into the Tiger Woods affair than the long time issue of Priests molesting children over the years and that's pretty sad.  Let it go.   If the tables were turned and any of the media people, [and] endorsements who have dropped Tiger over this, were caught, it would be handled completely different.  Why?  because none of you are as famous as he is. My guess is 90% of the people who have judged Tiger, exploited him, bashed him, are having affairs themselves and just haven't been caught yet.  He's human." -Julie


"The only thing I want to hear from Tiger is [an apology] for having his life all over the news [and] forcing everyone to listen to his very poor choices.  It's not news! Maybe on the E channel but if I am watching CNN or MSNBC I shouldn't haven't to see that stuff.  The only people he should be truly apologizing to are his wife and children."  -Anonymous


"I do not care at all to hear from Tiger! He needs to keep his mess to himself and realize our lives go on without him just fine. He has embarrassed his family enough as it is!" -Sandra


"Who CARES about Tiger Woods?  Aren't there a couple of wars going on right now?" - Chris


"This reminds me of how the media couldn't get enough of Bill Clinton sleeping with Monica Lewinsky.  I DON'T CARE.  There are far more important issues to worry about." - Anonymous


"Tiger should have taken responsibility for his actions from the get go instead of hiding like a coward." - Chris


"I wish I had his troubles & I'm tired of hearing about this.  Poor little [extremely] rich guy." -Joseph

First Published: Feb 18, 2010 7:07 AM CDT

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