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What do you think about the elections?

Updated 2:03 PM CDT, Fri, Jan 13, 2012

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And you had plenty to say.  Here a few comments viewers sent us through email and posted on Facebook

"I am sick of all the negative ads.  I want to hear positive feedback, what are you going to do for me, not what the opponent did wrong. And I am sick of people blaming the President for our problems.  The Republicans were in charge for 8 years, how can we expect the President to fix the mess in one year.  Please don't [let] the Republicans convince you otherwise.  Our country cannot take another year of them."  - Anonymous

"My friends, relatives and I are fed up not only with the mud slinging ads but also the multitude of ads. Also, the 1 or 2 recorded calls day after day. I am on the Do Not Call Registry, but the politicians are exempt from this. It's harassment. It is no wonder why many people do not vote, they're fed up with all of this." - Rick, Algonquin, IL
"My daughters were so turned off by all the negative campaigning in the [governor's] race that they wrote in their choice:  Darth Vader.  I'm not kidding.  The pols have got to stop being so negative as they're turning off younger voters. -Planet

"Arriving home from work yesterday, I found my answering machine had 13 messages on it. As I went through the list, I found they were ALL political calls for various candidates! Do these candidates REALLY think that people will listen? NO, just the opposite!! It turns me OFF to anyone who uses this type of GROUP FLOODING! My phone number is on the National Do Not Call List, yet, our BELOVED POLITICIANS are exempt from this!  I would love to get their phone numbers and call them ALL NIGHT LONG!!"
-Peggy, High School Teacher

AUSTIN, TX - FEBRUARY 19: A pollster loads paper...

AUSTIN, TX - FEBRUARY 19: A pollster loads paper...

"Remember when candidates ran campaign ads based [on] their qualifications and accomplishments rather than based upon "bashing"  their opponents?  Maybe someday ethics and integrity will return to politics!" - Mary

"No matter what I think of the candidates, the attack ads and dozens of negative [fliers] I've received in the mail for local races actually inspired me to vote early and AGAINST the candidates whose campaigns sent them. I'm just so tired of negative politics and want to hear what a candidate CAN do, not what his/her opponent can't!" - George

"I just hope that everyone gets out there and VOTES. This is our chance to get the status quo OUT OF OFFICE. Get these people who are part of the "machine" out of there and lets get back to the people who really are people and not puppets on a string. The Primary is important in that YOU'RE CHOOSING WHO GETS ON THE BALLOT for the election. They did it in Massachusetts, let's rock their world here too! Take back our state and show them who the bosses really are!!" - Coral

"Whatever candidates called my house, I won't be voting for.. Well guess what?..No voting me this year. Can't wait till until this election is done, and maybe my phone won't ring at 9:00 at night anymore." - Taresa

"My favorite part will be when dumb Todd Stroger loses.  Another favorite will be when Pat Quinn [loses].  It really [upset] me off when he released prisoners. That was one of the dumbest moves in history." - Randy

First Published: Feb 2, 2010 7:15 AM CDT

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