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Should the Nat'l Guard Patrol Chicago Streets?

Updated 2:02 PM CST, Fri, Jan 13, 2012

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State lawmakers, Rep. John Fritchey, 11th, and Rep. LaShawn Ford, 8th, are calling for Governor Quinn to deploy the Illinois National Guard to Chicago's violent areas.

Is calling for the National Guard deployment a drastic action? Of course it is," Fritchey said. He explained the troops' help rescue lives in natural disasters and the recent killings are no different.

113 people have died in Chicago so far this year.

Chicago Police Superintendent Jody Weis said mixing military and law enforcement isn't the solution.

What do you think?

Should the National Guard patrol Chicago streets?


"Absolutely! One life lost is too many. We fight a war of terrorism in Iraq, but the real terrorism is in our streets." - Tommy


"Bring the guard to chi-town so that they can get shot at like Chicgao police. These punks don't care who it is, it's like they have to do it as part of their stupid [mentality]. Also, in the same hoods, the parents of these punks won't talk because 'it's never their sons that are causing all these shootings' most of those parents have little to no control over these gangbangers." - Louie


"It worked well at Kent State, didn't it?" - Jeff


"With 113 murders in Chicgao [already] this year.....the streets have turned into a battle zone....we spend so much money protecting our allie.....we need to do something in our own [backyards]!" - Ron


"No to NG. Until the people stand up to the gangs nothing will change." - Bob


"I have advocated for years that the CPD offer all gang members firearms training at their gun range. Then maybe they will have better aim and can shoot each other rather than the Innocents." - William


"The better question is "Do you want safety on the streets?" I wish the government declare that gangs and other forms of organized crime be considered terrorist because they use the same tactics as the one's that we are supposed to fear. They change minds, take over neighborhoods and use fear as a way to control territory. Murder and other means of intimidation is the tools they use. Label them as domestic terrorist and use the laws on the books already to go about the business of eradicating [terrorists]." - Anonymous


"People need to remember that National Guard members are NOT trained as a police force, they are trained for war.  Innocent people will be hurt or killed if the   National Guard is sent in to neighborhoods.  The violence in neighborhoods will only stop when the residents change their attitudes... no more "code of silence" and no more looking the other way at gang activities." - Cyndi


"Reluctantly, I believe it's time for the National Guard to be come in. The police are losing "The War On The Streets" in trying to keep deceit law abiding citizens safe. The criminals and gang bangers "own the streets." - Eric


"Are you kidding me? This is an outrage. Leave it to big government trying to take over every aspect of society.  Why don’t we make the Chicago Police sweat a little and maybe lower their wages. Maybe the city should finally wake up and see Mayor Daley is washed up, passed his prime and his corrupt tactics and poor choices of Police commissioners and other various appointments should make it clear that the administration currently in place is out of touch with society." - JTM


"Gang-bangers are terrorists.  People who support gang members support terrorism.  Yes the National Guard should be deployed to fight terrorism on Chicago streets." - Anonymous

First Published: Apr 26, 2010 6:42 AM CST

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