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March 22 - 26

Updated 7:01 AM CDT, Fri, Mar 26, 2010

Monday, March 22

An instructional video shows how to land yourself a heavy metal band manager.

There are just certain things dogs can do that people can't

Blago is mistaken for former teen heartthrob, Donnie Osmond.

An Aussie shows you to how to fake a six-pack just in time for bikini season.

Lipton Iced Tea spokesperson, Hugh Jackman, dances in commercial.

Someone from the republican side of the house yelled out "baby killer" during health care debate.

A teen boy is charged in the Wal-Mart racial announcement investigation.

Tuesday, March 23

Actor William Shatner launches his own social networking website.

A White House staffer takes wrong turn  in the East Wing while President Obama addresses news reporters.

A cat is shocked beyond belief.  

Teens are posting videos on YouTube about "the haul" they collected at the mall

A Karate expert crushes rows and rows of concrete bricks.

A new fashion craze wants to put pooches in pants.

The Republican congressman who called his Democratic colleague a "baby killer" is apologizing.

Conservatives on Twitter are tweeting calls for the assassination of President Obama.

Hawaii is campaigning to house President Obama's future presidential library in his native state.

Wednesday, March 24

An anchor falls during newscast while trying to pinch a colleague.

A little girl creates her own protest song criticizing health care reform.

Dame Edna spoofs Beyonce's "Single Ladies" video.

Dino-shark comes out of the ocean to gobble up a surfer.

Gamers can pay $10 to play against their favorite female gamer.

A creative composer combines 250 strangers into one choir.

Tanning tax  burns owners of tanning salons.

President Obama admits too much tickling caused his friend harm.

A website offers to help you find your lost cell phone.

You can pinpoint your friends' sleeping time by their tweets.

Thursday, March 25

The Onion produced a twisted story on what should also be included with microwave dinners.

Current TV teaches you how to create an ill-fated stunt to share on the web.

A guy yodels and dances too.

After shaking hands with people in Haiti, President George W. Bush wipes his hand on President Clinton's shirt.

A woman balances 15 books on her head, solves a Rubik cube and recites pi out of 100 digits.

Don't feed the buffalo or else.

A new list shows what foods not to order off the drive-thru menu.

Panhandlers in Tampa must wear reflective vests.

Disney is pulling the plug of the iconic Chicago TV show "At The Movies."

Friday, March 26

A tribute song that asks "Who let the clowns out?"

A rap video from two decades ago makes filling out the census form cool.

song honors Chicago and what makes the Windy City unique.

Some "Avatar" fans are learning how to speak like the Navi.

A samurai slices through baseball with a katana.

A panda fights a branch that broke while he was climbing a tree.

A British man spends a few hundred dollars to capture breathtaking views above the Earth.

Apple chief Steve Jobs actually answers e-mails from customers.

Chicago developers want to take down the "Hollywood" sign.

First Lady and Chicago native, Michelle Obama, declares her a New York restaurant has the best pizza.

First Published: Mar 22, 2010 9:34 AM CDT

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