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March 15 - 19

Updated 6:08 AM CDT, Fri, Mar 19, 2010

Monday, March 15

Feeding America partners with national grocery chains and accept individual donations to feed the hungry.

Jenny Jones, former talk show host, shows you how to cook with a hanger.

Organizers cut the annual Downhill Cheese Roll.

A man plays bagpipes made out of a dead goat.

You can protect yourself with a rolled up magazine

A curious toddler wiggles himself into a claw machine filled with toys.

Jessica Simpson confesses she doesn't regularly brush her teeth.

OK-Go band member, Damian Kulash, imitates the surprised kitty Internet sensation with a crowd of people.

A woman becomes the second female head coach of a high school football varsity team.

President Obama's backing of mandatory DNA testing is raising eyebrows.

Texas' board of education is adding more focus to religion and conservatism in the classroom.



Tuesday, March 16

The Trinity Irish Dancers will perform at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra tonight in honor of St. Patrick's Day.

Comedian Gilbert Gottfried lends his unique voice to a Shoedini commercial.

A fashion company advertises some unusual threads.

A fan of "chat roulette" serenades each new person he meets online.

A man with a good eye shoots clay pigeon pots.

A Missouri high school hoopstar leaps over his opponent to dunk.

Hate and militant groups flock to internet in growing numbers to spread their message.

An astronaut is posting pictures and videos to his Twitter and Facebook accounts.

"Recess coaches" are causing controversy since they monitor kids' freetime.



Wednesday, March 17

Honda issued a recall for 2007 and 2008 Odysessy and Element vehicles.

A French game show called,"The Game of Death,"  is attracting attention for its "pretend" torture.

Actress Marion Cotillard, who was stabbed with a pin during a French awards ceremony, is laughing off the pain.

Twentysomethings are flocking to Botox.

C-SPAN uploaded its archives online  dating back to 1987.

President Obama picks his Final Four teams for both men and women brackets.

Thursday, March 18

A St. Patrick's Day parade reveler shouts to everyone who passes by.

McDonald's Shamrock shake brings out plenty of excitement.

The Muppets' rendition of "Danny Boy" is causing a stir on the web.

An anchor reading a teleprompter reads a note a producer left in script.

A big truck in the UK plows into a car on a highway.

Wal-mart is facing a PR nightmare after someone announces for all black to leave a New Jersey store.

Hawaii is considering a law to allow them to ignore requests for President Obama's birth certificate.

YouTube's video archiving is growing 24-minutes every second. '

A website helps you togently tell your friends to stop forwarding you e-mails.

Friday, March 19

Funny or Die launches new series called"Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis" and first guest, ben stiller, isn't too happy with the questioning.

A lottery guru shares his hints to win the jackpot.

First Published: Mar 15, 2010 6:32 AM CDT

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