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Leno vs. Conan: Who Should Quit Late Night?

Late Night Wars Split TV Viewers

Updated 2:03 PM CDT, Fri, Jan 13, 2012

Conan O'Brien says it took a concussion to understand "Lost."
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Jay Leno appears to be ready to snatch "The Tonight Show" reins from his successor, Conan O'Brien.  There's reports NBC could pull the plug on O'Brien next Friday. Leno's move back to his old job would become inevitable. TV viewers witnessing an ugly brawl may not follow Leno back to his former time slot.

Who should quit late night? Let the sound off begin!

"While I like them both, Conan's show format is a lot more appealing, and he's funnier and more engaging of his guests than Jay. It's unfortunate how NBC has messed things up for both men." - E. David Hill


Conan O'Brien says it took a concussion to understand "Lost."
Conan O'Brien says it took a concussion to...

Conan O'Brien says it took a concussion to understand "Lost."
Conan O'Brien says it took a concussion to...

"Pretty sad, Jay should give it up." - John Rehling


"I find it unfair that Conan and his staff, many who have moved their families cross-country for this, get pushed out so Leno can have his spot back. Give Leno the later spot or take him off the air. This was not a 'try before you buy' deal!" - Debra Roberts


"Jay Leno and Brett [Favre] - both announce retirements and when the time comes, oops." - Diane Borst


"Trying to please both by giving Leno a prime time spot was just a bad idea....like letting your ex wife live in the same house as you and your new wife." - Tom Morrow

"Conan is AWFUL. He had been riding Leno's coattails for years. I'll betcha that if he does in fact go to FOX it won't last 6 months." - Rob


"NBC will lose a lot of viewers now that they are pushing Conan out. I for one will be boycotting them. Unfortunately that may mean not watching my favorite morning news show. Sorry, but the executives are causing you to lose this viewer."  - Anonymous


"Leno should go back to the 'Tonight Show.' NBC made a mistake by putting Conan on. He's terrible! I've been watching Letterman so I don't have to look at Conan's hair and face. Who really cares where Conan goes?" -Stephanie


"Jay Leno is past his prime.  NBC should just let his show end and move on with Conan as the continuing host of  'The Tonight Show.'  There is a new generation out there that appreciates and loves Conan and his sense of humor that needs to be recognized.  NBC, please listen to America: We want CONAN!" - Anonymous 


"Don't think Conan would ever have the following that Jay Leno would have.  Jay should get 'The Tonight Show.'  Let Conan fall where he may." - Mike


"What a shame for Conan for him to realize a life long dream only to have it ripped out from under him. I know I will watch Conan wherever he ends up going." - Colleen Brummel 

First Published: Jan 15, 2010 6:18 AM CDT

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