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Jun. 7 - Jun. 11

Updated 6:44 AM CDT, Fri, Jun 11, 2010

Monday, June 7

Sandra Bullock smooched Scarlett Johannson on the MTV Movie Awards Sunday night.

The American Petroleum Institute says oysters love oil.

A cute panda attacks his co-workers.

Hillary Clinton sends a birthday greeting to Queen Elizabeth a bit early.

Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" gives the film "Newsies" a different sound.

Justin Bieber's voice is cracking because of puberty.

A pilot at the Red Bull Air Race in Windsor has a close call with death.

 A Louisiana congressman cries about the oil spill during a congressional hearing.

Rahm Emanuel is photographed holding a water gun at Joe Biden's beach party.

A billboard in North Carolina pumps out the aroma of a steak dinner.


 Tuesday, June 8

A website allows you to visualize the BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer recreate one of SNL's iconic sketches.

A guy delivers a dramatic reading of the Black Eyed Peas "My Humps."

Keyboard Cathy sings in a music video.

Finger-boarding combines skateboarding and laziness.

A new web conspiracy surfaces with a picture that looks like President Obama in the "Whoomp There It Is" video.

A man dives from a perch at 172 feet into a pool of water.

A car breaks down and ignites while driving up a sand dune.

Vice President Joe Biden slides down a water slide fully dressed.

Members of the Russian Parliament run around the chamber voting for absent lawmakers.


Wednesday, June 9

The Onion mocks the demise of newspapers.

A pink-haired woman speaks gibberish.

A weight lifter vomits and passes out while trying to squat 1,008 lbs.

A commerical sells items to help you save your parking space.

The other "Iron Man" impresses people with his pressing skills.

A prank in New York created a separate zone for tourists and New Yorkers on sidewalks.

A guy drives around a half-car.

An unknown candidate beats out the favorite in the South Carolina Democratic primary.

A reporter riding along in a World War II bi-plane endures a rough landing.

A $24 million dollar yacht earns the title as the world's most expensive.

Virtual dating assistants will take care all the mundane romance for busy or shy daters.

Thursday, June 10

A Blackhawks fan shaves his beard moments after the Hawks win the Stanley Cup.

Ozzie Guillen tweets about the Hawks' victory.

An earthquake warning is issued for the West Coast.

American Patrick Kane and Canadian Jonathan Toews battle it out in a contest for national pride.

A dog climbs up a tree.

A priest in Philadelphia tells Flyer fans to be proud of the season's rollercoaster ride.

The British government funded a college course on walking in high heels.

A video parodies B-P executives who underestimate how fast a coffee spill can travel.

Friday, June 11

The Chicago Housing Authority is reopening its family housing waiting list lottery Monday.

Celtics' Paul Pierce punches a NBA referee.

Celtics' Glen "Big Baby" Davis drools over his big shot.

A woman in Japan moves her parking space.

First Published: Jun 7, 2010 6:45 AM CDT

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