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Jun. 28 - Jul. 2

Updated 7:23 AM CDT, Fri, Jul 2, 2010

Tuesday, June 29

 A man screams asking why a store is closed.

Learn country hip-hop in an exciting video.

The Indian Thriller music video honors Michael Jackson.

A bride and groom play a Jimi Hendrix classic at their wedding reception.

Lenny Kravitz joins a choir he heard singing his song.

A man slides very low under the limbo bar.

Facebook status updates and photo albums provide plenty of evidence in divorce cases.

Linda McMahon, former CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment, puts her family business in her senate campaign ad.

Rick Barber, a candidate for Congress, brings up the issue of slavery in his campaign ad.

Wednesday, June 30

YMCA is asking for donations for their Community Schools Summer Camp program to keep kids safe this summer.

Did President Taft create a secret pony brigade?

A husband and wife perform Stevie Wonder's classic "Superstition."

"Twilight" fans wait in line to see the stars.

A man tackles a looter during the G-20 Summit in Toronto.

The Daily Mail suggests England was eliminated from the World Cup because of a lack of chest hair.

What if Lassie were a cat?

An environmentalist goes airborne to get an overhead look of the Gulf oil spill.

A senator from Oklahoma asks Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan a strange question about food.

Learn how to cut hair with air scissors.

Arizona congressional candidate, Pamela Gorman, packs heat in a campaign ad.

Thursday, July 1

Sasquatch plays the guitar.

Rock out at the library wearing headphones of course.

Maggots on an airplane grosses out passengers and delays the flight.

Clown sings a Billy Idol song.

Click here to see the worst toupee in the world.

A replica of the American flag has 61 stars instead of 50.

The Old Spice bodywash guy appears in a new ad.

A well-mannered cat crosses its legs.

A study links the drop in the U.S. bee population to cell phones.

A picture is taken of a previously unseen planet outside our solar system.

Google is allowing users to customize the news they receive from the website.

Friday, July 2

Priceline ranks Chicago as the top destination for Fourth of July weekend

Passport fees going up starting July 13th.

Sing patriotic songs with Frank.

An aspiring filmmaker submits his movie idea to YouTube.

Liza Minnelli showcases her line of clothes on HSN.

A group of kids reenact the Revolutionary War.

Some Michigan firefighters rap about firecrackers.

Finland becomes the first country to make broadband access a basic right.

Facebook is testing face recognition software to make tagging photos easier.

The new movie about Barack Obama living in Indonesia looks pretty similiar to the new "The Karate Kid."

The Pentagon is working on making "Transformers" a reality.

First Published: Jun 29, 2010 6:42 AM CDT

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