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Jun. 14 - Jun. 18

Updated 6:54 AM CDT, Fri, Jun 18, 2010

Monday, June 14

Rainbows, a local children's charity, will hold its 9th Annual Summer Sunset Fun Run at Busse Woods in Schamburg June 27. 

John C. Reilly sings Mr. Sprigg's BBQ song.

A person attempts parkour at work and fails.

The girlfriend of a Flyers' fan uses a universal remote to turn off her boyfriend's TV during game six of the Stanley Cup Final.

A car maker erects, a giant Vuvuzela, which World Cup fans use to make a buzzing sound at games.

David on Demand, a human puppet, will do whatever is tweeted to him.

A web tune is about a dog with a box on his head.

The New York Times bans the word "tweet" from its articles since it's no proper English.

Hong Kong is setting up online profiles for dead people like "Facebook for the dead."

Tiffany's launches a new app where people can search dozens of engagement rings.

Former President George W. Bush addresses his Facebook friends in a new video.

Tuesday, June 15

An Italian singer performs her rendition of "My Heart Will Go On."

Cageflix makes all of Nicholas Cage's 49 movies available to the Netflix queue.

Three men do aerobics in front of a live studio audience.

A turtle tries to attack a reporter.

A bear sneezes after sniffing some plants.

Scientists are studying why Ozzy Osbourne is still alive after years of drug and alcohol abuse.

A demolished building lands where it's not suppose to land.

North Carolina Congressman Bob Etheridge apologized for roughing up a student reporter on tape.

YouTube is launching a news service called Citizen Tube.

Alabama Republican Rick Barber releases an a campaign ad where America's founding fathers advise him to "gather your armies."

Wednesday, June 16

Chicago magazine reveals its list for top 20 eligible singles.

A rap song pays tribute Omaha, Nebraska.

A man throws a puppy at the Hell's Angels according to the Telegraph.

A guru helps people confess positive feelings and goals.

OK-Go releases a new video that they're offering fans a chance to win an iPad if they pass the video along.

Test how long you can stand to hear the sound of vuvuzelas.

Listen to a song about the vuvuzela.

A Louisiana congressman suggests BP to kill itself.

A woman who voted Alvin Greene, a South Carolina democrat running for U.S. senate, admits she picked him because of Al Green, the singer.

Thursday, June 17

The Chicago Housing Authority will accept applications for its housing waitlist until July 9th.

Tips on how to decide between eating a donut or a bagel.

A British circus is offering patrons who are afraid of clowns free counseling.

Brett Erlich gives his opinion on thenot-so-great YouTube musicians.

A slide at a subway station makes commuting fun.www.youtube.com/watch

John Travolta serenades Australia's soccer team before the game it lost.

A guy nicknamed Serbian Travolta gives the original a run on the dance floor.

A bill before Congress would give the president the power to flip a kill switch on the Internet during an emergency.

The speech level of President Obama's first Oval Office address may have made it difficult for "his target audience" to understand.

A new study finds that the website you check first says something about your personality.

Chicago magazineranks the city's best pizza.

Friday, June 18

The Onion mocks the demise of the newspapers and people who collect them.

Arthur Kade promotes his celebrity and blog online.

Focus is yodeling to the top of the charts.

The "Super Mario Bros." theme song inspires ahuman beatbox and a violonist.

A guy takes his vuvuzela and celebrates everyday life all over town.

Forbes magazine has an interactive map showing what states people are choosing to live when they move out of Chicago.

Former Alabama AG commissioner candidate, Dale Peterson, releases a new campaign ad with his gun in tow.

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