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Jensations: Wednesday, January 27th

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Updated 7:30 AM CDT, Wed, Jan 27, 2010

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Oh Elin! Tiger Woods' wife reportedly wants to save her marriage. "Elin wants a solid family life," a source tells PEOPLE. "She was a child of divorce. She absolutely does not want that to happen to Sam and Charlie. So she wants to keep her family together even if she and Tiger live together as friends instead of lovers." Nordegren even reportedly visited her cheating heart husband in sex rehab this past week where he has been getting treatment for his apparent addiction.

Caught on camera! Former John Edwards aide, Andrew Young, tells, that the ex-senator and mistress, Rielle Hunter, made a sex tape of their escapades. The Huffington Post ran a poll on the matter. Americans overwhelmingly feel the statement, "Ewww," best describes it.

Breathe easy. The cast of "Jersey Shore" is apparently on track to keep fist-pumping into a second season, Reuters reports. A deal has yet to be reached, but sources close to the matter say MTV has stepped up its offer to $10,000 an episode for everyone from Snooki to the less-liked Sammi.

Out of the hospital, but not in the clear. Brooke Mueller was well enough to leave a Los Angeles hospital, but is still fighting an infection, while recovering from pneumonia, her mother, Moira Fiore tells PEOPLE.

Couple with secret

Couple with secret

2 to TiVo:

"American Idol" - 7:00pm on Fox: The cowboys come out for Dallas auditions!

"The State of the Union Address" - 8:00pm on NBC5: President Obama gives his first State of the Union speech.

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