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Jensations: Thursday, January 28th

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Updated 8:00 AM CDT, Thu, Jan 28, 2010

Elizabeth's had enough! Elizabeth Edwards tells PEOPLE she has separated from husband and ex-senator John Edwards, and that she's had divorce papers on stand by for nearly a year but hasn't yet finished the paperwork. Elizabeth met the 23-month-old baby whom he fathered with his mistress. After that she decided she wanted her life back. The couple now live in separate homes. "It is an extraordinarily sad moment, but i love my children more than anything and still care deeply about Elizabeth," John Edwards said in a statement yesterday.

Death suit. Simon Monjack, the husband of Brittany Murphy, says he plans to sue Warner Brothers for wrongful death of the actress, according to The Daily Beast. Monjack and Murphy's mother, Sharon, believe her heart attack last month was caused by the stress of getting fired from the sequel of "Happy Feet." "They killed her," Monjack said.

Le-no call. In an interview airing today on "The Oprah Winfrey Show," Jay Leno tells the talk show queen he was tempted to reach out to former "Tonight Show" host Conan O'Brien but  "it didn't seem appropriate." Leno says the two may chat once things cool down. "The whole thing was a huge mess," Leno said.

Off the air. ABC pulls the plug on "Ugly Betty", according to Entertainment Weekly. Not only will this be the last season, but the network also trimmed the shows episode order from 22 to just 20.

Snooki's spill. Since "Jersey Shore" is's a clip of some good-old Snooki-style fun to keep you going!

2 to TiVo:

"Project Runway" - 9:00pm on Lifetime: Episode 3 of the fashion forward competition.

"The Real Housewives of Orange County" - 9:00pm on Bravo: The usually quiet and calm-tempered Lynne goes ballistic on Gretchen!

First Published: Jan 28, 2010 6:12 AM CDT

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