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Did a Seattle Cop go too Far?

Updated 2:02 PM CDT, Fri, Jan 13, 2012

A Seattle police officer is under fire after a video shows him punching a 17-year-old girl.

The officer said he was trying to ticket several girls for jaywalking.  One teenager pushed the officer,  and he punched her in the face.  The officer called it self-defense.

What do you think? Did the officer go too far?


Seattle Cop Slap

Seattle Cop Slap

Seattle Cop Slap

"Two women were attacking the cop. The one he hit swung first. You don't challenge cops...I would have shot her." - Bob


"What about the force the girls were using against the cop?  There were 3 of them! There is no respect for the law anymore, it's all about me me me me and self [entitlement].  If he  did not use force to try to get the situation under control [would] this clip even be out there?" - Mary Therese


"I feel the policeman was within his rights to do what he did to take control of the situation before it got out of hand any [further]. The attack of police is ridiculous and it's getting out of hand.  I think the police need to do whatever necessary to do [their] job!" - Sizzle


"He was out of line! Why must cops resort to force? She did NOT deserve to be punched in the face." - Anna Marie


"Lets face facts, if you interrupt an incidence of "justice", you're bound to be pulled into the incident itself.  If it's shown that the officer was indeed in the right for arresting the first young lady, then he would likewise seem justified and legally obliged in protecting himself, and subduing the second woman." - G.


"Good for him! He was absolutely justified. You do not put your hands on an officer of the law! They are lucky they were not [pepper] sprayed or tazed! - Anonymous


"No, I don't think he over stepped, if you are going to fight with the police, you deserve what you get (within reason). [Its] still better than getting pepper sprayed!" - Chris


"The behavior of the Seattle P.O. was appropriate under the conditions he faced at the time. He was remiss in not requesting assistance sooner and may have avoided the confrontation by administering pepper spray (if available).  People don't have the right to resist a lawful arrest." - Bob


"He is 'bang on' correct with his actions.." - Bill


"Protecting himself... she clearly used force before he did...good for him!!" - Benjamin


"She shouldn't have assaulted him." - Betty


"He is right on with what he did!!" - Geno


"Give him a star.  There needs to be more of them on the streets. There is no respect for them, they put their lives on the line everyday & should beat more of those idiots." - Eugene


"Well, if she resisted arrest and she clearly put up a fight, I don't see any other choice for the officer than to resort to such measures. For all he knew she could have reached for his weapon." - Monica 

First Published: Jun 17, 2010 7:29 AM CDT

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