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Aug. 23 - Aug. 27

Updated 7:21 AM CDT, Fri, Aug 27, 2010

Monday, August 23

The Regional Transit Authority begins public hearings on next year's budget.

Snuggie lovers do the Macarena.

For men who want a manly salad, check this out.

Simon Cowell can fix everything.

Tuesday, August 24

Chicago's Tall Ships Festival kicks off today.

Taiwan TV puts their spin on the Blagojevich corruption allegation saga.

Watch the Illinois State Fair's hog calling contest.

A clever montage lists the Emmy nominated writers from Conan O'Brien's "Tonight Show."

A commercial from Japan features faces on men's bellies.

A Vermont political ad mocking bailouts goes viral.

Facial ID software could locate any picture you post online.

A candidate in Colorado takes showers after watching negative campaign ads.

Wednesday, August 25

All you need is $100 to vacation in New York.

A female broadcaster takes a soccer ball to the head.

Miss Phillippines' answer to a question at the Miss Universe pageant goes viral.

The prankster-in-chief steps on a scale while his trip director weighs himself.

Firefighters let their fire truck ghost-ride while they dance.

A rap song pays tribute to the importance of eggs.

Thursday, August 26

A Providence, Rhode Island politician proposes to his girlfriend during a candidate debate.

The same candidate sings on live TV.

A Wendy's training video has a snappy beat.

Danielle Staub, a cast member from "The Real Housewives of New Jersey," performs her song.

A fire tornado in Sao Paulo, Brazil is dropping jaws around the world.

New data shows how long different racial groups spend on the phone.

Japan Sumo Association is handling out iPads to wrestlers to improve communication.

Friday, August 27

Tweet Emmys host Jimmy Fallon to participate in the show.

2010 MJ Fanvention is this weekend.

A naked man jumps off a tractor into a bale of hay.

An epic owl set to  music.

A guy sings Mariah Carey's "Dream."

Wendy's has a cold drink training video.

A school answering machine allows you to swear at staff members.

College students are abandoning Facebook for a college only social networking site.

Yelp is rolling out a "Daily Deals" feature.

Any part of this stove's surface can heat up food.

First Published: Aug 23, 2010 2:12 AM CDT

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