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Aug. 2 - Aug. 6

Updated 8:01 AM CDT, Fri, Aug 6, 2010

Monday, August 2

Check out what's it's like to work in a musical instrument store.

A band puts a different spin on "Highway to Hell."

Bangs, a rapper, drops some rhymes to sell a car.

Basil Marceaux, a candidate for governor of Tennessee, stars in a new YouTube video.

A young girl shares some of her grandmother's advice.

It's a hair-raising experience for adog that comes in contact with static electricity.

A Michael Jackson impersonator can't sing.

An interactive mirror allows you to "paint and draw" on it.

A big confidence boost wants to let all people know they're beautiful.

Tele-noid R 1 gives people an opportunity to put a face to the voice on the phone.

Tuesday, August 3

Fannie Mae launches program to help struggling homeowners.

A girl dressed as a zombie sings.

A guy explains that he was robbed.

The owners of a doll that could be cursed are giving it away for free.

A random man kisses a reporter during her live shot.

A reporter breaks an ice sculpture.

Two guys jump on a inflatable tube and launch a girl into the air.

A car makes it safely through a fiery road in Russia.

Changing your gender could reduce spam.

Dan Brown is practicing "crowd-sourcing" and giving control over his life to his web followers.

Wednesday, August 4

The Buckwheat Boyz created a slideshow for the "Ice Cream & Cake" song.

Check out this sushi commercial.

Basil Marceaux shares more compelling reasons to vote for him.

Paul Rudd works as a dj long before he made it big.

A steamroller pops a mountain of bubble wrap.

Women think men in red shirts are more powerful and sexually desirable.

A group of pirates will share clues about buried treasure they've hidden in NYC.

A man sings to a plant on the street.

Thursday, August 5

A winner of "Wipeout" releases a primal scream.

"Breakthrough with Tony Robbins" is cancelled.

A man sings a song about "Honey Nut Cherrios."

 A parody of the rise of Facebook spoofs the rise of YouTube.

Shark yourself to see what you would look like if you were a shark.

CBS anchor Katie Couric jokes about the names of Sarah Palin's kids.

A study finds body parts tan at different speeds.

YouTube is showcasing so-called Solar Tsunami videos from people all over the world.

Friday, August 6

Click here for stores offering back to school sales in time for Illinois' sales tax holiday.

Nickelodeon presents the trailer for its new movie "Fred."

Twitter spoofs Wes Anderson's film "Rushmore."

Kanye West's following of one guy draws more attention to the British teenager. calculates the total cost of everything Kanye talks about on Twitter in a week.

Check out back to school deals on Deal Taker and Coupon Clock.

Go on an early morning walking tour, and check out Chicago's skyscrapers at the same time.

First Published: Aug 2, 2010 6:57 AM CDT

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