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April 26 - April 30

Updated 6:45 AM CST, Fri, Apr 30, 2010

Monday, April 26

The Hoff , jumping on the "Glee" bandwagon, sings Journey's classic "Don't Stop Believin" at the TV Land Awards.

Film director Werner Herzog reads the children's classic "Where's Waldo?"

A unicorn serenades whoever with Boys II Men playing in the background.

A stick of dynamite creates waves for a surfer who really wanted them.

The Trololo guy is inspiring flash mobs to sing his little ditty.

A YouTube video shows a guy jumping off a cliff and landing on cardboard boxes.

A new study shows college students experience substance abuse withdrawal symptoms when they can't log on to social media sites.

The First Lady reveals what tunes she listens to on her iPod.

British scientist Stephen Hawking suggests aliens would want to conquer Earth.

"America's Got Talent" is accepting audition videos for on YouTube.

Tuesday, April 27

Another Hoff performance for all those who couldn't get enough  yesterday.

A long time ago, parents threw knives at their children.

Kobe Bryant's biggest fan  yanks the mic from a reporter and professes his love to the NBA star.

An off-camera cough bothers singer Christina Aguilera.

NFL legend Lawrence Taylor remembers only one thing from his draft day.

Lionel Richie sings his classic "Hello" after inhaling helium on a foreign talk show.

An Australian restaurant refuses to allow an assumed gay dog enter.

A California city wants to ban toys in Happy Meals.

A British psychologist will analyze the 10 best dreams sent on Twitter.

The Dubai Fountain's show is catching alot of buzz online.

Wednesday, April 28

A Tea party activist  express his dislike for socialism and communism.

Tips to give the perfect high-five.

President Obama mouths the words to the "Star-Spangled Banner."

Lady Gaga rolls out plans for her Lollapalooza performance.

The Ukranian Parliament breaks out in chaos with lawmakers throwing eggs, punches and smoke bombs.

An elderly gentleman gets his groove on at a convention center.

Sen. Carl Levin reads and repeats the salty language from Goldman Sachs memos.

An Alabama republican running for governor promises english-only exams at driver's license facilities.

Iran will start arresting women who look tanned.

Cows in Canada are tweeting to their tweeps.

Thursday, April 29

The family of a dead man chooses a different way to display him at a funeral home.

A little fame monster films his own "Bad Romance" video.

Hollywood isplanning to film a "Magic 8 Ball" movie.

A song pays tribute to the exercise ball as a weapon.

An elderly man claims he's a "breatharian" and hasn't eaten in 70 years.

Boy Scouts can earn a video games badge.

Members of the military are going "Gaga" overseas.

A donation campaign hopes to raise money for a homeless couple robbed at a Texas Salvation Army.

A pair of storm watchers capture a tornado on video.

Hugo Chavez joins twitter.

Women spend top dollar before finding Mr. Right.

Friday, April 30

The City of Chicago will exchange $75 gift cards for guns at the following locations on Saturday, May 8th.

Two-handed great sword can cleave meat in mid-air.

Creepy face bank swallows money.

A woman practices an unusual workout routine on a treadmill.

Champagne Dream sings"Sweet Home Alabama."

Chicago's crosstown rivalry divides young twin sisteres.

Lucky charms improves believers' performance.

A lonely meerkat has its own website looking for love.

Pridedoc.com can help you find health care deals.

Mint.com helps you budget your finances.

A new study finds women believe their pets are better listeners than spouse.

A dog tells its owner "I love you."

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