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April 19 - April 23

Updated 7:08 AM CDT, Fri, Apr 23, 2010

Monday, April 19

Track the Space Shuttle Discovery's trek home

Mug Monday

La Casa Norte calls attention to National Volunteer Week.

Tuesday, April 20

View the cities Discovery flies over Tuesday as it attempts to land back on Earth.

A guy tries uses fruit in his pick up line to woo a woman.

Contestants on the game show "Baggage" unload their personal secrets.

A YouTube video shows a guy practice delivering a pretty bad marriage proposal.

You can buy a pair of blue jeans with chains holding up the legs for under $700.

 Cat takes a spin on turntable.

Video shows how things always go wrong in informercials.

Great Britain is testing satellite speed traps to catch drivers.

A senior Iranian cleric blames women's revealing clothing for earthquakes.

A survey finds women prefer celebrities' looks to their boyfriends.

An Australian lawmaker is topping pizza with locusts.

Wednesday, April 21

Iceland's volcano creates lightning strikes across the sky.

Cirque Du Soleil will bring Michael Jackson's music to life on stage.

Thursday, April 22

William Shatner and the guy who gained fame for singing like Whitney Houston performed a duet on "Lopez Tonight."

Young couples are jumping on a fashion trend from Asia.

Three "Wheel of Fortune" contestants struggle to solve a puzzle about Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa.

An Iceland musician sings a song to help the world learn how to pronounce the name of the erupting volcano.

"Iron Man" joins "Johnny" from "Dirty Dancing" for the film's big dance.

"Britain's Got Talent" judges fall in love with a doggy dancing sensation.

NASA releases stunning pictures of the sun from its space telecope studying the Earth's closest star.

Disneyland Paris bans a mother dressed as a princess from entering the theme park.

The justices on the Supreme Court struggle to understand text messages, e-mail and Twitter.

Tea Party activists explain what's fueling their opposition to government and President Obama.

Friday, April 23

"Fox News" host, Glenn Beck, calls his show the worst television ever done.

Sue Lowden, who is challenging Sen. Harry Reid, offers an fowl idea to pay for health care.

A lady body pillow could keep the lonely warm at night.

A grocery store worker suspects a customer weighed his manhood on a produce scale.

TMZ catches Cuba Gooding Jr. partying in a Spokane, WA bar. 

A classical pianist plays "Flight of the Bumblebee" on an iPad.

Watch the Dallas Cowboys old stadium implode with a 360-degree view.

A reporter falls into dirty, flood waters.

Larry King is under fire for "agreeing" with comedienne Sarah Silverman that Sarah Palin should pose in Playboy.

A team of Spanish doctors perform the world's first full face transplant.

A new study finds teens aren't likely to copy the bad habits of athletes.

Window washers dressed like Spiderman will rappel down buildings.

First Published: Apr 19, 2010 6:33 AM CDT

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