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April 12 - April 16

Updated 7:54 AM CDT, Fri, Apr 16, 2010

Monday, April 12

 A young guy dances to Destiny's Child's "Bootylicious" in a tribute to his friend.

A camouflage tuxedo jacket offers the right look for those formal forest affairs. 

A cooking video shows the 80's way of baking bread.

A swan attacks a car and likely freaks out the driver.

A BBC show, "Over The Rainbow," looks for a new cast for the classic film "The Wizard of Oz."

A skier rides a tow-rope in a very sensitive area.

MySpace launches new social services to allow users link to Facebook and Twitter.

Home run king, Barry Bonds, announces he's proud of Mark McGwire, the Cardinals current hitting coach and an admitted-steroid user. 

Lucy phone acts as a customer switchboard ending the pain of waiting on hold. 

Tuesday, April 13

A gamer talks up his best assets in a personal ad.

The young man, who sounds like Whitney Houston, can also dance.

A Japanese commercial showcases Dole bananas as accessories.

A daredevil does a backflip on a big wheel.

NBA star, Shaquille O'Neal, impersonates Rick James in a YouTube video.

Child protecton advocates are pushing for Facebook to add a panic button to help curb online predators.

South Korea wants to pull the plug on young gamers with an electronic curfew.

Drunk college students' texts are being used to rank the country's top party school.

An eye-popping IPAD app brings the storybook of "Alice in Wonderland" to life.

Wednesday, April 14

The Illinois Hospital Association is debuting a new website to educate health patients.

A guy on YouTube sings "Highway to Hell."

"Gwar" lead singer talks about drugs on Fox News.

A North Korean comedy show comes up with gags to raise soldiers' spirits.

The psycho dog man demonstrates how dogs can be scary.

A video greeting card celebrates good times.

"Jeopardy" fans can find their favorite trivia questions online.

A guy leaps from a building trying to land on a fence and hurts himself.

A 11-year-old girl belts out "Home" from "The Wiz" becoming an internet sensation.

A teenager copycat gets in trouble for telling "All blacks to leave" a Whole Foods store.

Changing your work password doesn't help with security, according to a new study.

The Daily Beast reveals the happiest college on Earth.

Thursday, April 15

Sarantos Studios in Oak Park puts together the "best" acting tapes of their students on the web

The clown stalker will stalk for a week a birthday boy or girl with one goal in mind.

Dogs react to the psycho dog man's voice. 

Whitney Houston tanks during a performance in Britain.

Yelp subscribers rate the Metropolitian Correctional Center in the Loop.

A cat can't get enough of playing with an I-Pad.

The Library of Congress will archive tweets for posterity.

NYC is planning to charge homeless people with jobs to live in shelters.

A robotic hand will make it possible for people to virtually reach out and touch anyone around the world.

A YouTube video remixes The Beatles' song "Taxman" with President Obama starring.

Friday, April 16

The Illinois Energy Star Appliance Rebate Program offers consumers 15% off appliances between April 16 - April 25 or until money runs out.

Hinsdale Centeral High School is raising money for its 3rd Annual "CHARACTER COUNTS! Autism Walk."

Honorary NBC 5 Chief Grain Silo Correspondent, Michael Badger, delivers his "News Views."

A soccer announcer delivers one of the longest "goals" ever heard on the N-Files.

Air traveler upset about flight cancellations due to the Icelandic volcanic cloud declares his hatred for the country.

Russian Prime Minister, Vladmir Putin, is nominated for a rap award.

A Red Bull stuntman flips on his glider, hangs off it and jumps to another glider.

"Creed" front man Steve Sapp sings a song for the Florida Marlins.

Larry King asks Willie Nelson if he got high before his interview.

There's a scientific reason why people can do no more than two things at once.

The sound of slurping soothes crying babies.

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