Weekend Web: Wow Factor Phones & Big Posters for Any Room | NBC Chicago

Weekend Web: Wow Factor Phones & Big Posters for Any Room

Feb. 28 and March 1, 2009



    Weekend Web with Art Norman and Charlie Wojciechowski

    On Saturday, the Web Guys sampled the "wow factor" G1 phone from T-Mobile.  In fact, it just recently earned TIME Magazine Best Gadgets of 2008 list.  

    The new phone is powered by Google's Android operating system, has a slick slide-out keyboard, a big bright screen and a lot of power, T-Mobile Vice President Raj Tank said.

    Plus he said, "the Google Phone" allows users to scan the UPC code of a product, with the help of your camera,

    ShopSavvy allows customers to compare prices from online merchants and nearby local stores.

    Tank also showed off the all-new BlackBerry® Curve™ 8900 and the all-new eco-friendly Motorola W233 Renew.

    [Through March 31:  Get a free Motorola W233 Renew when you sign up for new T-Mobile service]

    On Sunday, Charlie Wojciechowski and Art Norman got to be bigger than life, thanks to the technology from Todd Carter, the co-founder of, www.wall-u.com

    Carter re-created the nine feet images of the Web Guys after their images were taken with a digital camera. 

    "Photography or scanned photos can be uploaded to Wall-U to create a bigger that life image to show off your pride," Carter said.  

    Examples range from your favorite sports team logo, to your favorite cheerleader, to a soldier serving now serving in the war in Iraq or Afghanistan. High quality images are printed on thick vinyl, and the vinyl is resistant to tears and fading.