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    Lisa Parker joined NBC5 in 1996 and initiated the Target 5 consumer-investigative unit.

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    Her reports have since garnered 12 Midwest Emmys, two Edward R. Murrow Regional RTNDA awards, two Gracie Allen awards, and several state and local broadcast awards.

    Parker brings a depth and dimension to NBC5's consumer reports, a style that brings real benefit for viewers. From the real stories of everyday consumers to the national issues, Target 5 takes on a wide range of topics.

    Early on, a tip led Parker and the Target 5 team to a story that would have national implications. She was the first to report on the dangers of high levels of lead in imported vinyl miniblinds. The story that started in Chicago soon had a nationwide effect, as the product was pulled from stores shelves across the country. As a result of "Blind Danger," parents everywhere were warned, and an industry changed its practice.

    Each year thereafter, Parker and producer Robin Green continued to tackle topics that include children's product safety, potential defects in automobiles and toxins in mainstream consumer products.

    Their reports have been the catalyst for change and new legislation on a wide variety of issues.

    One example is the series "Caught in the Middle," which exposed the dangers of the rear center seat in many types of automobiles.

    In a place where children are often seated, there was only a lap safety belt. This, while other seats were outfitted with lap-shoulder-safety belts. Target 5 exposed the deaths and injuries of children across the country associated with this safety deficiency.

    An Illinois legislator then sponsored a new law as a result of this report -- and now the rear center seat of current model years must be equipped with a lap-and-shoulder safety belt.

    Many of Parker's reports have national implications -- but Target 5 also concentrates a good deal of attention on everyday consumer struggles. The unit tackles thousands of consumer problems every year -- most of which never air on television, but help to serve the needs of NBC5 viewers.

    Parker came to NBC5 from WAVY-TV in Norfolk, Virginia. Before that she worked as consumer reporter for WBAY-TV in Green Bay, Wisc. She started her career in broadcasting as a part-time camera operator and producer in Waterloo, Iowa.

    Parker speaks fluent Spanish. She is a 1988 graduate of Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism.

    She and her family love living in the Chicago area.

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