Starlings Swoop in on Bridgeport Neighborhood

Residents at 32nd Street and Parnell Avenue in Bridgeport are crying foul

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    The neighborhood is like a scene from "The Birds."

    Some Bridgeport residents are finding themselves in a crappy situation.

    Hundreds of starlings have taken to the streets at night and they're defacating all over the nieghborhood cars.

    For the past month, residents at 32nd Street and Parnell Avenue have reported seeing hundreds of the birds swooping on cars and stationing themselves on power lines, the Chicago Tribune reports. 

    Unsuccessful attempts to scare the birds away with firecrackers have prompted local wildlife organizations to offer up some advice.  Download starling distress calls from the Internet, says the Chicago Audubon Society.

    Some suspect that the city's recent bug spraying for emerald ash borers is the culprit, but a spokesman for Department of Streets and Sanitation denied the claim.