Reckless Driver Ordered To Cook Cops Thanksgiving Dinner

Ohio woman who hit officer with her car must prepare feast

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    An Ohio woman who pleaded guilty to felony assault and three misdemeanors for knocking over a police officer with her car was ordered to cook Thanksgiving dinner for three other officers who are on leave.

    Lawbreakers in Ohio better make sure they know their way around a kitchen because the punishment for a Canton woman accused of reckless driving will include making Thanksgiving dinner, reported.

    During the Canton Marathon in June, Valerie Rodgers, 46, knocked over a police officer directing traffic when she failed to stop at his signal. Rodgers pleaded guilty last month to felony assault and three misdemeanors and was placed on probation for one year, said.

    But the judge handed down another punishment for Rodgers—she was ordered to prepare Thanksgiving dinner for three police officers on leave or unable to work. The judge also reserved a year of prison time for Rodgers if she violates her probation, according to

    Justice is served.