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Glue Gals Get Their Day in Court

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    Therese Ziemann (L), Michelle M. Belliveau (C) and Wendy L. Sewell (R) appeared in a Calumet County, Wis., courtroom on Monday.

    A preliminary hearing has been set for one of the four women accused of luring a man to a motel to humiliate and assault him as payback for cheating on his lovers.

    A Calumet County, Wis., judge on Monday set Sept. 8 for a hearing for prosecutors to show that there is sufficient evidence against 43-year-old Michelle Bellieveau of Neenah to charge her with being party to felony false imprisonment.

    In case you're hazy on the gory details, allow us to rehash

    These are the nuts and bolts of the story.

    Four women were charged in July for luring a 36-year-old Fond du Lac man to a hotel room to make him pay for two, three and four timing them. The women allegedly bound and gagged him and, for the coup de gras, Krazy glued his penis  to his stomach.

    Two of the women had their initial appearances continued until Aug. 24. The fourth woman — the estranged wife of the victim — is to return to court Aug. 17.

    The women declined to comment as they left the courthouse, surrounded by cameras, including those from the syndicated tabloid-style program "Inside Edition."

    Two of the women appeared on a the "Today" show on NBC last week and said they considered themselves the victims in the case.