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Chicago Man Draws Cats for Cash

Steve Gadlin draws cat stick figures and sells them online



    (Published Thursday, Dec. 9, 2010)

    A Chicago man claws his way to heaps of cash, thanks to an eclectic Groupon deal.

    But now he's stuck drawing thousands of stick figured cats.

    Steve Gadlin, a Chicago based web developer decided to start his own business of drawing cats. He started his own website, then created his own commercial. In it he sings "I want to draw you a cat" repeatedly, so people get the picture.

    And they did.

    All it took was a Groupon deal. He reached out to the company, offered a deal, then ended up selling his $9.95 cat stick figure drawings for $3 on Cyber Monday.

    Gadlin tells the Huffington Post he didn't expect to sell many drawings, but that's not what happened. He ended up selling 1,000! He says he's been drawing them day in and day out -- about  30 to 50 per night -- and sending them all across the country. Some are easy to make, but others, are very specific:

    "A fat cat, Minnie, who is lounging around while a Sharktopus (1/2 Shark, 1/2 Octopus) is mangling a living room. All while Leigh Anne is watching hopelessly. Meanwhile, Andre, a handsome junkyard cat looks through a window at the carnage."

    Gadlin tells the Huffington Post that although he's having fun, he does not plan to pursue this as a full time job.

    By the way, Gadlin wants to draw a cat for you too, so go to his website for more information.

    Check out his commercial below. Meow!