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R U Srs? Texting Teens R Good Writers, Sez Prof

Practice makes perfect, says one prof



    Could texting make kids better writers?

    Teenagers spend a good chunk of their time on their cell phones—Tweeting, updating their Facebook and sending each other text messages in short, often unintelligible bursts.

    But some say texting actually make them better writers.

    Bill Savage, an English language specialist at Northwestern University, says that all that thumb-typing actually improves students' writing skills, reports WBBM NewsRadio.

    We bet it's even easier when the essays are entitled "OMG LOL."

    According to Savage, the more writing you do, even a text at a time, the better writer you'll be.

    Kids who don't read a lot of books still have to use written language on a daily basis, through e-mail, blogs, texting, and social media websites, reports WBBM NewsRadio.

    With hundreds of text messages a day, perhaps teens can develop a special aptitude for writing.

    Just don't ask them to spell 'aptitude.'

    Matt Bartosik is a Chicago native and a social media sovereign.