Oprah Designer Gives Your Twitter a Makeover

You get a background! You get a background! Everybody gets a background!

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    Oprah designer: You get a background! You get a background! Everybody gets a Twitter background!

    At her Tweetiest, Oprah averages two notes a day, far below the average of some hardcore texters. But that hasn't stopped her from recruiting friend and interior designer Nate Berkus to the micro-blogging network.

    But of course, you can't ask an artist to Tweet and Tweet alone. Berkus, who has a line of products with the Home Shopping Network, recently designed a series of patterns to use as Twitter backgrounds (or desktop wallpapers).

    "I wanted to personalize my page. We started tossing out ideas, and the thought came to us to use my sheet patterns from spring. They're graphic, colorful, on trend," Berkus told Mashable.com. "It just felt like a great way to make my page truly my own."

    Forget that once he shares them they're everyones.

    In any event, we have a feeling Berkus wouldn't be too happy with our Twitter background, which is plain jane.

    You can download Berkus' Twitter backgrounds from his Facebook page.

    Matt Bartosik is a Chicago native and a social media sovereign.