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4G Providers Set to Battle for Your Business

Comcast to announce it will provide more reliable wireless service in the city



    Chicagoans, prepare for the 4G invasion.

    A third provider is now offering the Fourth Generation wireless connection that allows Internet users to enjoy faster and more reliable navigation experience.

    Clear: WiMax Four Times Faster Than Competitors

    [CHI] Clear: WiMax Four Times Faster Than Competitors
    Chicago's newest Internet provider, Clear, is raising the bar by delivering broadband to on-the-go users with a new technology called WiMax
    (Published Tuesday, Dec. 1, 2009)

    Comcast joins Sprint and Clearwire Corp. as a the third speedy option with the launch of its WiMax wireless service Tuesday, the Chicago Tribune reports.

    In preparation, Clearwire Corp. launched an extended ad-campaign Tuesday to promote its 4G wireless service, which launched a month ago.

    Comcast's 4G offer differs slightly from Clearwire Corp. -- which was created in 2008 after merging the wireless divisions of Clearwire and Sprint Nextel Corp. -- because it combines services.

    Comcast offers both home Internet service and the mobile 4G for $49.99 a month. For an additional fee, customers would be allowed to use Sprint’s 3G network in areas where 4G coverage is lacking.

    “That’s the big difference between us and, say, Sprint with their 4G network in the Chicago market, or Clearwire,” Comcast’s regional vice president of marketing, David Williams, told the Tribune.

    Comcast already offers a 4G service in other three cities: Philadelphia, Atlanta and Portland, Ore.